Ibrahim in Order of the Day: Defeating Terrorism is Our Key Concern

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

General Security Chief, Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim stressed on Wednesday that the Directorate's may concern was to defeat terrorism.

His remarks came in his Order of the Day marking the 75th anniversary of Independence Day, the National News Agency reported.

"The General Directorate of the General Security stands before a new stage at both the security and administrative levels in order to score new achievements that would add to Lebanon's value in a way that the Lebanese merit," Ibrahim said.

"Fellow soldiers, in line with what has been achieved at the security and administrative levels, the General Security's key concern for the upcoming stage is to defeat terrorism and to sap its effects and tools, in addition to fighting the Israeli enemy rings in all their forms," he added.

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Thumb barrymore 21 November 2018, 14:05

Ibrahim in Order of the Day: Defeating Terrorism is Our Key Concern


You, your cult, and who you represent are the pure definition of terrorism. Spare us your BS

Thumb s.o.s 21 November 2018, 14:27

Pure demagoguery! How will he attack the biggest terrorist organization of Lebanon and Middle East if he's working for them?

Thumb _citizen_ 21 November 2018, 14:36

southern 'patriotic' to Bani Majus

Thumb extraterrestrial.alien 21 November 2018, 16:43

How does Hezbollah combat terrorism


Thumb lebanon_first 21 November 2018, 20:07

Funny when Hezbollah and his cronies talk about terrorism while they have terrorized their way into running the country