Mousawi-Gemayel Engage in Heated Debate in Parliament

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A heated debate erupted on Wednesday between Hizbullah MP Nawaf Mousawi and Kataeb MP Nadim Gemayel when MP Sami Gemayel was delivering his speech during a Parliament session dedicated to discussing the government's policy statement.

Loyalty to the Resistance bloc deputy, Mousawi, said his bloc has the right to reply to any remarks that target his bloc or Hizbullah.

He added that President Michel Aoun was elected as President “thanks to the Resistance’s (Hizbullah’s) arms.”

“President Michel Aoun is in Baabda Palace thanks for the Resistance’s rifle. He did not arrive via Israeli tanks,” in an indirect reference at slain president-elect Bashir Gemayel, Nadim's father and the founder of the Lebanese Forces.

This prompted an angry intervention from Gemayel, who hit back saying: "This rhetoric is unacceptable.You were throwing rice on the Israelis and most of you voted for President Bashir in this parliament,” he added, apparently referring to some Shiite citizens and ex-MPs.

Moussawi snapped back, saying: “Your size is equivalent to an Israeli tank.”

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Thumb whyaskwhy 13 February 2019, 15:51

Kizballah owns the parliament and they are reminding all including the quisling of whom runs the country. This will undoubtedly get uglier than planned. Iran is investing heavily in terror and it will bring it back to Lebanon at will....

Thumb takiyyah 13 February 2019, 16:40

Must have be a drag getting on the Israeli tanks with all the "welcome our heroic liberators" roses and rice thrown by Moussawi and other southern Shiites piled up on top. They were barely making ends meet to feed themselves and their huge inbred families, yet they felt compelled to throw rice, a mane food staple, on the Israeli tanks. That's gratefulness, appreciation and gratitude to say the least. Then the Ayatollah showed up with a fresh 7th century ideology and threw loads of cash on sanctimonious Nawaf Moussawi and other Shiites to betray their fellow Shiites and turn on Amal, the Lebanese Communist Party and others with murders and assassinations. We lost so many secular Shiite intellectuals to this it's not funny.