Raad Apologizes for Moussawi Remarks after FPM-LF-Kataeb Talks

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The head of Hizbullah's parliamentary bloc, MP Mohammed Raad, on Friday apologized on behalf of the bloc over remarks voiced Wednesday by MP Nawwaf al-Moussawi.

“An undesired debate erupted between some colleagues in the previous session and entailed rejected remarks that were voiced by one of our brothers in the bloc,” Raad said, describing Moussawi's statements as “a personal reaction that exceeded limits.”

“I apologize to you and in the name of the Loyalty to Resistance bloc and I ask for omitting those remarks from the minutes of meeting,” Raad added, addressing Speaker Nabih Berri.

Raad's stance follows a reported mediation that the Free Patriotic Movement led with the Lebanese Forces and Kataeb parties, according to OTV.

“The FPM is reportedly carrying out a mediation to contain the repercussions resulting from Nawwaf al-Moussawi's remarks,” OTV reported.

Earlier in the day, MPs from the FPM, the LF and Kataeb held a meeting on the sidelines of the confidence session in parliament to discuss Moussawi's remarks.

During a speech by MP Sami Gemayel in parliament on Wednesday, Moussawi said “it honors the Lebanese that President Michel Aoun was elected through the rifle of the resistance while others reached the presidency on an Israeli tank.”

Nadim Gemayel hit back during the session, saying “no one reached the presidency on the top of an Israeli tank.”

“You were throwing rice on the Israelis and most of you voted for President Bashir in this parliament,” he added, apparently referring to some Shiite citizens and ex-MPs.

Moussawi snapped back, saying: “Your size is equivalent to an Israeli tank.”

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Thumb s.o.s 15 February 2019, 16:08

“Raad's stance follows a reported mediation that the Free Patriotic Movement led with the Lebanese Forces and Kataeb parties”

Ils s’entendent tous comme cul et chemise (like two peas in a pod).

Thumb whyaskwhy 15 February 2019, 17:56

Smoking mirrors just reflects the level of hatred and disdain that Kizballah and its allies have for the rest of the Lebanese. Yet were told daily the real enemy is Israel here. When was the last time Kizballah attack Israel?

Thumb roflmfao 15 February 2019, 18:24

Dudes.. this is new and unheard of.. unfailable, saintly, self-righteous Hezbollah.. actually apologizing for something.. anything... They're either worried about the unexpected and verbally violent way.. most of the FPM street and many officials.. non-Bassily - Qawmi - or Baathist ones..reacted to Mussawi unacceptable attack.. after all loosing the Christian cover the FPM provides is tantamount to political suicide in the current climate.. or.. and most likely.. it's just another example of Takiya.. and Hajj Raad was sitting on crossed fingers.. both hands.. while he gave the apology... It's been rumored that when he was done apologizing.. Hajj Raad went into his room and self administers a good dollop of bloody atonement Tatbir™.. for what he'd done.. then anointed himself.. by repeating the mantra "Remember Thunder, thou art immortal".. while liberally slathering his person with a genuine Iranian oil blessed and consecrated by Ayatollah.. umm... Grand Ayatollah Khamenei himself..

Missing keserwaniaseel 15 February 2019, 20:10

no apology needed. it is exactly what the iranis think of the lebanese christians. an apology will not change their hatred of non shiaas