Aoun Says Lebanon Safe Despite Currency Crisis


President Michel Aoun on Friday said some of the external pressures exerted on Lebanon especially on the economic level “were not new at all,” and highlighted the need for patience with regard to the recent fears over shortage in dollar reserves.

“Lebanon is not in danger. I will not let Lebanon collapse," Aoun told reporters.

He stressed the “need for patience before launching any position that affects the Lebanese economy, especially with regard to the dollar crisis.’

Lebanese media this week reported that banks and money exchange houses were rationing their dollar sales over a feared shortage in reserves.

Aoun’s remarks came in a chat with a press delegation accompanying him on his way back from New York where he took part in the UN General Assembly meeting.

“There is a cash regulator who is the governor of Banque du Liban, and there is a finance regulator who is the minister of finance. I am not aware of what happened during my absence from Beirut," said the President.

“There have been a lot of rumors about the financial situation and people have reacted to it in fear despite assurances. The recent crisis needs to be addressed. I will follow up closely on the issue as soon as I get back,” he said.

Whether he fears the dollars crisis could aggravate, the President said the crisis emerged during his presence in NY, saying he that he sees no danger for Lebanon.

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Thumb abul.3abed 27 September 2019, 14:24

2al safe 2al

Thumb s.o.s 27 September 2019, 15:12

What did he tell the men he later abandoned in 1989-1990? I’m pretty sure he said “we are safe, we are going to defeat the Syrian army”. Later on, around 3AM he was spotted running away in his PJs o the French embassy imploring them to open the gate.... his men were eventually captured and disappeared in Syria. He never mentions them.... yet the UN would be the perfect tribune to do so.... I can’t but wonder why.

Thumb ___flamethrower___ 27 September 2019, 16:04

Never has Lebanon known or seen a president who made the country as safe as this one, ever!

Thumb natour 27 September 2019, 16:33

Aoun's come with menagerie, all on the Lebanese tax payer's dime, on this trip consisted of:
Delegations at the 2019 United Nations General Assembly, September 2019:
1) Lebanon 163
2) Indonesia 77
3) India 45
4) Pakistan 44
5) Peru 36
6) Mexico 19
7) Liberia 19
8) Great Britain 18
9) China 18
10) France 14
11) Russia 11
12) Saudi Arabia 9
13) Canada 7
14) Jordan 5
15) Italy 3
And for the remaining 178 countries, 3 and under.
PS: Sources, US immigration and naturalization service visa requests for the 2019 General Assembly.
I wonder how bid is menagerie to his most recent self serving trip to Europe and North America.

Thumb natour 27 September 2019, 16:35

Correction: I wonder how big in Bassil's menagerie on his most recent self serving trip to Europe and North America.

Thumb ex-fpm 27 September 2019, 16:39

They should be executed by a firing squad

Thumb s.o.s 27 September 2019, 16:47

Drowning them would be cheaper. They’ve already cost us a lot.

Thumb s.o.s 27 September 2019, 16:46

Numbers speak for themselves, this is just another manifestation of corruption.

Priceless data, thanks Natour.

Thumb whyaskwhy 28 September 2019, 18:35

It is a shame the nation does not meet this Syrian stooge at the airport when he and his family return from their vacation in NY to really let him know how much the nation believes in him.....Traitor, thief and conspirator....