Qattar Second Cabinet Member to Resign


Environment Minister Demianos Qattar stepped down from his position on Sunday and said in a statement that he is leaving the government in solidarity with the blast victims.

Qattar is the second Cabinet member to step down amid anger in the country following the blast that ripped across the capital of Beirut.

Qattar said in a statement late Sunday that he's leaving the government in solidarity with the victims. The blast killed 160 people and wounded 6,000.

He described the ruling system in Lebanon as “flaccid and sterile” and says it's wasted several chances to reform.

Qattar had offered his resignation earlier Sunday but was in talks with Prime Minister Hassan Diab.

People in Lebanon have blamed the explosion on negligence and mismanagement. Angry protests followed amid calls for government officials to resign.

Another Cabinet member stepped down earlier Sunday.

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