Military Court Sentences 3 to Death for Spying for Israel

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Permanent Military Tribunal headed by Brig. Gen. Nizar Khalil on Friday sentenced to death Haitham al-Sahmarani, a retired Internal Security Forces first sergeant, on charges of collaboration with Israel.

Upon his arrest in 2009 Sahmarani confessed to collaborating, along with his wife, with the Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency.

With the help of his sister who had fled to Israel in 2000, Sahmarani began his relation with the Israelis in 2004.

The sister, Sahera al-Sahmarani, and her husband Mohammed Amin Khazaal were sentenced to death in absentia on Friday.

Hizbullah’s mouthpiece, Al-Manar television, said “Sahmarani met with Israeli officers in Turkey and Israel and gave coordinates to the enemy during the (2006) July war of (Hizbullah chief) Sayyed (Hassan) Nasrallah's possible locations.”

Separately, the military tribunal sentenced Ragheda Daher to two years hard labor on charges of spying for Israel.

And it handed a similar verdict to Assem Hammoud, who had been accused of plotting to bomb train tunnels in the U.S.

More than 100 people have been arrested on suspicion of spying for the Israeli Mossad since April 2009, including members of the security forces and telecom employees.

Several have since been sentenced to death.

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Default-user-icon Halaktouna (Guest) 17 February 2012, 22:37

LOOOOOOL ... niyyelna be heik judicial system .... I do not mind sentencing ppl to death for colaborating with the enemy ... but how come that army general got only two years for colaborating for much much longer!!!!
W balad!!!!!!! hay mesh balad ... hay 2ertet 3alam ma2soumeem.... wainak ya Ziad!

Thumb jabalamel 18 February 2012, 00:15

yes hang karam also, no matter he is aoun's friend

Default-user-icon Le Phenicien (Guest) 18 February 2012, 01:06

Sentence to death for cooperating with a foreign entity? Why Nassrallah has not been impeached and sentenced to death for pulling the trigger to kill 2000 Lebanese people and destroying the entire infrastructure in 2006? This is why you need the STL because every single crime is politicized.

Thumb benzona 18 February 2012, 01:17

Many Aounists are collaborators of Israel. I bet the leader knew about it and gave them the green light. Same for the 4 Hezbollah men that killed Hariri. Nasrallah gave them the green light. They deserve a life sentence.

Thumb jabalamel 18 February 2012, 13:01

the filthy zionist media terrorist use every chance to repeat sectarian lie about our glorious resistance killed harriri

Default-user-icon Horus (Guest) 18 February 2012, 23:44

FT How old are you ?

Thumb jabalamel 19 February 2012, 03:32

the filthy zionist media slime hallucinate that someone here blames LF/kataeb for what they didn't do.

there is nothing bad that they didn't do. ok, they didn't drop nuclear weapon, but they didn't have them, so you never know what would be if they did have.

Default-user-icon Skyfall (Guest) 18 February 2012, 01:23

@ jabal amel, bravo for once i agree with you , at last, someone that agree karam must be hanged as well, i want to hear about Flamethrower's opinion in that, or we just have to hang poor people with no connections with politicians?

Thumb jabalamel 19 February 2012, 03:32

if you somehow agree with me, keep it for yourself.

Missing hasanzibowawa1 18 February 2012, 02:01

most of collaborators are shiaa. hang Karam!

Thumb jabalamel 18 February 2012, 13:01

no, most of them are losers14 coalition, only state don't touch them because they are incompetent and of no use anyway

Missing n3msp 18 February 2012, 04:54

Hey Benzona, I can't tell is it
when hassoun takes off the mask the devil shows up or
when the devil takes off the mask hassoun shows up?
Interestingly Confusing!!

Thumb jabalamel 18 February 2012, 13:02

the filthy zionist media terrorists think that their retarded pictures are interesting.

Thumb jabalamel 19 February 2012, 03:33

the filthy zionist media terrorists have problems with identifying each other.

Thumb cedar 18 February 2012, 05:35

This is my opinion:
It is ok to talk to Israel, It is ok to talk to Iran, It is ok to talk to Saudi arabia, it is ok to talk to the USA and Russia and all the rest.

But if we talk to Iran ans Saudi, then why not Israel and USA?

I think if we cut Israel out then we should cut Iran/Saudi out and be neutral.

How can we impose an ideology where we cant talk to Israel because they are 'zionist' and talk to Iran/Saudi - where they are clearly Islamist!

Thumb jabalamel 18 February 2012, 13:03

the filthy zionist media terrorist hallucinate about iran and their genocidal entity to be the same.

Default-user-icon Michel (Guest) 18 February 2012, 08:53

Hang karam..hes a spy, like all the others..deserves the same treatment

Thumb jabalamel 18 February 2012, 13:03

yes yes, you will removed again. it's our glorious resistance came to an nahar, put guns to everybody's head and ordered them to erase your posts.


Default-user-icon Le Phenicien (Guest) 18 February 2012, 15:26

Do not hang anyone for dealing with any country because there are evidence people from all sides dealt with America, France, Iran, Israel and etc.. There are people with and against the above Countries so any law that might exist is false and fake based on a political agenda and a true referendum from the Lebanese citizens and their representatives.

Missing MyNigga 19 February 2012, 12:17

"filthy zionist media terrorist""filthy zionist media terrorist""filthy zionist media terrorist""filthy zionist media terrorist" over and over again! OMG PLEASE GET OVER YOUR OBSESSION!!!!!! its not healthy for OUR country!
Guys, i really think we have a growing cancer in the south of OUR country! that really needs to get taken care off! Maybe we should invite Israel to clean up the trash there?
Also, all that your "glorious" resistance has done is make Israel even stronger and make Lebanon much weaker and Palestine at the same place! Good job! Hope your "glorious" resistance is happy..

Default-user-icon AMK (Guest) 21 February 2012, 12:14

Right On Target Anthony!