Lebanon Files U.N. Complaint over Attack on Embassy in Libya, Miqati Briefs Suleiman on Govt Formation Consultations


President Michel Suleiman condemned on Saturday the attack on the Lebanese Embassy in Libya and the burning of the Lebanese flag.

He said: "It is a blatant attack on Lebanon's sovereignty."

The president urged caretaker Foreign Minister Ali Shami to file an urgent complaint to the United Nations in protest to the "blatant" violation of international law and the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese charges d'affaires in Libya Nazih Ashour denied to MTV that the Lebanese Embassy in Libya was attacked, saying that the Lebanese flag was taken down and replaced by the Libyan one.

"I assure that there are no injuries among the embassy employees," he said.

Later Saturday, the Lebanese foreign ministry filed the complaint via Lebanon's permanent mission to the United Nations.

The ministry described the attack as a "blatant violation" of the embassy's diplomatic immunity and the stipulations of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations.

It slammed "the Libyan regime's disdain of international conventions and laws."

"This attack came after the efforts exerted by Lebanon – as the representative of the Arab bloc on the U.N. Security Council and under the mandate granted to it by the resolution of the Arab League's ministerial meeting – led to passing Security Council resolutions 1970 and 1973, whose implementation will lead to protecting civilians in Libya from the systematic violence practiced by the Gadhafi regime," Shami said, for his part.

The foreign ministry also filed a similar complaint with the Arab League's general secretariat.

On a separate note, Lebanon's permanent mission to the U.N. filed a complaint against Israel with the Security Council over the Jewish state's planting of spy devices in the southern town of Shamaa, which is part of UNIFIL's area of deployment.

Lebanon's foreign ministry described the Israeli violation as a "blatant breach of the Lebanese sovereignty, international laws and U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701, which threatens international peace and security."

"It also represents an act of aggression against Lebanese territory and confirms once again Israel's disdain of U.N. resolutions and the UNIFIL force," the ministry added.

According to a statement issued by the ministry, Lebanon has called on the Security Council to shoulder its responsibilities in maintaining international peace and security and to pressure Israel into quitting its hostile and provocative policies against Lebanon.

Lebanon also urged the Security Council to force Israel to implement UNSCR 1701's stipulations, respect the UNIFIL's mandate and withdraw immediately from all Lebanese territory.

Earlier Saturday, Suleiman held talks with Prime Minister-designate Najib Miqati on the government formation process.

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