Palestinian Dead, 3 Hurt as Residents Clash with Army in Nahr al-Bared

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A Palestinian was killed and three others were wounded on Friday when the Lebanese army opened fire during a spat at the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp in northern Lebanon, a Palestinian source told Agence France Presse.

The violence erupted after the army arrested two Palestinian men who were on a motorcycle and refused to stop at a checkpoint, the source said.

State-run National News Agency said the motorcyclist had no identification papers. It later identified him as Mohammed M.

The arrest prompted hundreds of the camp’s residents to block roads with burning tires and hurl stones at army troops, the source told AFP.

Meanwhile, LBC television reported that residents in the al-Beddawi camp, also in northern Lebanon, “blocked roads with burning tires to protest what happened at the Nahr al-Bared camp.”

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Default-user-icon Everywhere (Guest) 15 June 2012, 21:26

Nobody is above the law. Everyone should be able to understand this but our guests and the Iranian Militia never do. Get with it or leave

Default-user-icon John (Guest) 15 June 2012, 21:48

Yesterday's delivery from Burger King was 5 minutes too late!
Anyone knows where I can get some good tires?

Default-user-icon achrafieh (Guest) 15 June 2012, 22:54

close all palestinian camps and for humanly for there benefit take them to a gulf wealthy country to they take care of them

Default-user-icon delta (Guest) 15 June 2012, 22:54

shoot them all.....bastards

Default-user-icon Lebanese (Guest) 15 June 2012, 22:59

Those my friend would be on Hariri side...

Default-user-icon Khaled (Guest) 15 June 2012, 23:35

may the fate of lebanon be no better than that of nahr elbared

Default-user-icon Horus (Guest) 16 June 2012, 01:49

enough is enough, call the Kataeb, they will take care of them.

Missing roger@10452 16 June 2012, 01:52

Those people are so ungrateful, and the Lebanese never learn from their past.

Time to do something about this whole palestinian refugees issue!!! the sooner the better...

Missing roger@10452 16 June 2012, 16:43

Kannan, you want to treat them as lebanese??? after all what they have done to Lebanon??? you must be real young or have a very short memory. Pls check out the events from 1969 to 1975 and then let me know how you want to treat these rats.

Just a reminder in case you have not heard, in 1975 the road to Jerusalem was supposed to go through Jounieh. How wrong they were...

Default-user-icon Saad (Guest) 16 June 2012, 16:59

Let them afford Lebanon its basic rights of entering camps and disarming these animals and then we might treat them better. These people used our villages in the south (I'm from Bint Jbeil, trust me, we dealt with them years before) as a human shield to fight Israel and we all died. Damn them, their identitiy, they will never have a country, let the Arabs or their co-religionists welcome them if you care so much. Sick of the fairytale about human rights, they deserve no rights because of what they did and they CONTINUE TO DO. Bravo to the army, we are behind them 100000% and so as long as one southerner exists (not to exclude anyone else) Palestinians will never be welcome in Lebanon.

Thumb Chupachups 16 June 2012, 04:12

Omg, and we still let these "people" stay here ? I guess they didn't learn their lesson from 2007 conflict..... Scum just scum

Missing cedars 16 June 2012, 06:37

Not stopping at a checkpoint is an issue and should be dealt with by not killing people unless they shot at the Army then all masks are off. The idiot who does not stop at a checkpoint should be jailed or taught a lesson excluding Killing which is an extreme measure, no matter who is the victim.

Thumb AngryLeb 16 June 2012, 11:07

We Lebanese cannot do that, we all stop at checkpoint, Send them to Zimbawbe

Default-user-icon ugd ;vfm (Guest) 16 June 2012, 13:36

يجب ترحيلهم الى فلسطين ليقوموا بواجبهم لتحرير بلدهم واشعال النار في طريق اليهود ...هيا يا ابطال فتح الانتفاضة ارحلو الى بلدكم واتركونا نعيش بدون مشاكلكم

Thumb normzz117 16 June 2012, 17:49

It is the army's rite to shoot at any individual that dose not stop at the check point,because whoever dosnt stop may pose a threat to them or to innocent lebanese people. give the army all the power,its the only thing this country still has that is clean.

Missing ulpianus 16 June 2012, 19:35

The same scenario happened with a Lebanese man a couple of weeks ago. He did not stop at a check point and ended up dead.

Well. As nobody respects authority in Lebanon, I think the army is doing the right thing.

As for some ignorant comments/thoughts here about the "palestinians" killing them, sending them or whatever you want----) These are human beings. Our country will never be better than our thoughts.

Thumb extramildcake 17 June 2012, 11:11

Wow, all the first comments are so stupid beyond belief. You blame an entire nationality for the actions of a few individuals? Why don't YOU get out of Lebanon? We don't need such pathetic brain power here during this sensitive period.