Iran Condemns Lebanon Bombing, Blames Israel

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Iran on Saturday condemned a car bombing in Beirut that killed eight people, including a top Lebanese security official, blaming it on arch foe Israel.

Tehran condemned "the terrorist blast which was carried out by those who aim to create division between different Lebanese groups that never serves the interests of Lebanon," spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said in a statement on the Foreign Ministry website.

"Undoubtedly, the main enemy of the Lebanese people and the region is the Zionist regime which benefits from instability and lack of security in the region," he added.

Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi also condemned the bombing in a telephone call with his Lebanese counterpart Adnan Mansur, according to the website.

"The enemies of the region are seeking to intensify insecurity to achieve their ill-intended aims," he was quoted as saying.

Friday's rush-hour bombing in Beirut killed at least eight people -- including the intelligence chief of Lebanon's Internal Security Forces, General Wissam al-Hasan -- and wounded 86 others, Lebanese officials said.

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Thumb phoenician 20 October 2012, 11:27

Go and have your usual minute Mot3a you dog.

Default-user-icon naiim qassem (Guest) 20 October 2012, 15:35

again hariboun you are referring to me you tease come here pretty boy

Thumb phoenician 20 October 2012, 11:28

God bless Lebanon and Israel.

Missing phillipo 20 October 2012, 11:31

Wow, what a surprise, Iran blames Israel, and that is supposed to be news.

Default-user-icon tony (Guest) 20 October 2012, 11:38

What a prick. they killed the guy and the Iranians are the only ones to be blamed

Default-user-icon Erlan Twagardy (Guest) 20 October 2012, 11:55

March 14, do you believe what these forces of evil and backwardness and Wilayat al-Faqih nonsense are saying? How pathetic it is to blame Israel, the innocent peace-loving and more importantly, life-loving cuddle of fuzz with a long history of charitable work in Lebanon (and elsewhere). After all, they are the enemies of your enemies, the Syrians, who are the real assassins with their friends, the other real assassins known as the 4 innocent generals as well as Emile Lahoud (the most evil of all), Imad Marmal (mkhabba bi tyebo), Suleiman Franjiyeh (underground explosion or else...), Nasser Qandil (baaaaad, very baaaaad), Wiam Wahab (his name is enough), Gebran Bassil (of course) and the biggest of all, General Michel Aoun. Did miss anyone? Oh, I did. Patriarch al-Rai, whose actions and the positions that he takes are, as Dr. Mou7taram rightly said, DISHONORABLE!

Thumb thepatriot 20 October 2012, 12:01

Yeah yeah yeah... we know the tune... Israel, America, Israel, America, Israel....

Default-user-icon John (Guest) 20 October 2012, 12:13

Do they ever blame anyone other than Israel or America?

Missing samiam 20 October 2012, 12:18

Does this moron have any clue or is he just spewing his usual misinformation? Screw him and his syrian lapdogs.

Missing Cyanide 20 October 2012, 12:23

The main enemy is Syria ya j3ari. Syria not Israel. Syria. We all should go to the streets with a sloga al mowt li bashar. And never leave the streets untill this zbeli is dead.

Missing jayjay 20 October 2012, 13:20

unfortunately, that's not true, we are surrounded by enemies on all sides... only once Lebanese from all sides and sects realize this, can we prosper and actually stop any bloodshed..
the fact is that M14 never say that Israel is a friend, unfortunately, we cant say the same of M8 in regards to Assad's Syria...

Default-user-icon Joseph (Guest) 20 October 2012, 12:57

And where can we apply to work for Syria or Iran? Oh yeah our local hezbollah offices! Hakawati you must be one of those blind followers who can't recognize what is right in front of them! How disgusting and shameful of you to not recognize who the real attackers are! Let me guess? You are the person who even though there is conclusive evidence of Syria and Hezbkhara being the attackers, will not believe it because you are all so faithful to your loyal clan, who will adamantly deny any wrongdoing and put the blame on israel and america...everything is a conspiracy to them..the war in syria, Rafiq's assassination,along with all of the other assassinations that occurred and now this one. I hope that people like you some day wake up! I would rather live like an American/Israeli than a Syrian or Iranian that is provided with no future and no freedom!

Default-user-icon albert (Guest) 20 October 2012, 12:58

at least israel isnt the one killing people,and in case israel is the 1,i hope she can find ur dog in his hideout 1 day and rape the shit out of him.same goes for aoun and for all the idiots who doesnt care about lebanon and are loyal to someone else.enough of m8 leaders trying to make fun of us and act like we're idiots,coz we're loyal to lebanon or go the fuck away.i dont care about m8 or m14,i hope they all fuck off,but god man march 8 are really retards and think lebanese are their cattle.dont provoke israel,be loyal to lebanon or fuck off already.

Thumb phoenician 20 October 2012, 13:02

Truth hurts Hakawati.

Thumb jadski 20 October 2012, 13:07

Lik yijikol nuclear bomb 3a baytkun ya iraniyeh !

Missing jayjay 20 October 2012, 13:15

Any new revolution in Iran next year during and after election should be assisted by Hariri and Co...the only way we can rest once and for all is when Ayatollah's Iran is buried...

Missing jayjay 20 October 2012, 13:22

go labbe nassrallah in Syria and do your jihad duty

Missing visitor99 20 October 2012, 13:37

Come on you guys Stop Blaming Syria and Hezballah...These 2 will ever do anything of the sort...Who are you kidding?

If I was to have a stab at who the killers are I would say that my 80 year old aunt and her boyfriend are the prime suspects here...

Missing roger@10452 20 October 2012, 13:42

what is sad is how an entire Lebanese sect (shia) is being hijacked by HA and the syrian cronies, and you dont see any uprising.

One day, the mullahs will be gone...
One day, ASSad's regime will be gone...
One day, HA will be gone...
But the Lebanese Shia will always be here, and now more than ever before they need to think about how they plan to live with the rest of the Lebanese people.

Missing peace 20 October 2012, 13:47

so nice from israel then... every time someone is against syria then israel does the job for them! waw! didn t know they were so close allies!

super logic at its best!

Missing jayjay 20 October 2012, 13:49

what a few priests do is not a reflection of their religion... unfotunatley, can say the same of yours..
Go Labbe Nasrallah and do your Jihad duty in Syria..dont go alone, take your friends with you and make a road trip of it..

Thumb phoenician 20 October 2012, 14:00

If my priest does any perverted act its out of evil not the Bible, Mot3a is in your doctrine, dickhead.

Missing roger@10452 20 October 2012, 14:13

Thank you ya galiboun for being so polite and thoughtful...

but who are "my own people" ???

are you referring to the ones who march with white flowers???
are you referring to the ones who wish to have a sovereign Lebanon???
are you referring to the ones who want to rebuild a strong nation for all Lebanese???
are you referring to the sunnis???
are you referring to the druze???
are you referring to the christians???
are you referring to the shia???

I am really not sure who you are referring to as "my own people"!!!

Missing freeforever 20 October 2012, 14:27

What a low life loser. Obviously, there is nothing in his country Iran to do or talk about. I think he forgot to replace the word "condemns" with "orders" Lebanon bombing. This guy makes me sick. Please leave our Lebanon alone and try sort out the shit in your country. You criminal backwards literate thug.

Thumb thepatriot 20 October 2012, 14:40

Unlike you... we're nobody's dog. A concept You or the likes of you could never understand hakawati...

Missing jayjay 20 October 2012, 14:43

@Galiboun...lets not talk about religion coz there is a lot i can say about yours. starting from who likes young ones! w fihmak kfeye

Default-user-icon Pashko Zivalla (Guest) 21 October 2012, 10:09

Did jayjay take your precious advice? By the way, where did you get this cutest picture of my hairy butt, you nasty thief you? You may continue to use it, though. Your friend slash also uses another shot of my hairy butt! Soon, my hairy butt will make it into the Guinness Book of Records! Thank you, fans.

Missing phillipo 20 October 2012, 14:50

Why does every comment here have to be about someone elses religion?
How does the world expect Lebanon to exist as a "normal" nation when Shia attacks Sunni attacks Alawi, never mind people who aren't Moslem.

Thumb shab 20 October 2012, 14:51

Shut your trap Majousi

Default-user-icon Thomas Boulos (Guest) 20 October 2012, 15:37

and Fayez Karam

Default-user-icon JP (Guest) 20 October 2012, 16:24

Shut the hell up and go hide in Mullah holes you theocrats!!

Missing mansour 21 October 2012, 01:46

galibounwe go marry an 8 year old girl and say God told you...YOU devil worshipper!God has blessed Syria with a Civil War.

Long Live The Syrian Civil War