Suleiman Meets Pope Benedict XVI at Vatican

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Pope Benedict XVI met on Friday with President Michel Suleiman who is in Rome to attend the ceremony of the official appointment of Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi as cardinal.

Suleiman did not make any statement after the meeting held at the Vatican.

The National News Agency said Suleiman will attend a ceremony hosted by the Lebanese Ambassador to the Vatican, George Khoury, at the Grand Hotel at 6:00 pm.

The president is expected to make a speech at the event, NNA said.

Suleiman is in Rome to attend a ceremony in St. Peter's Basilica on Saturday during which Benedict would appoint six prelates, including al-Rahi, as cardinals.

They will join the elite body that advises the pope and elects his successor upon his death.

The consistory follows the death of several cardinals in recent months and will bring the number of those eligible to vote back up to the maximum of 120.

The pope's choice to elevate the head of the Maronite Church is seen by observers as a sign of Vatican support for religious diversity in Lebanon, which Benedict said was a "model" for the region during a visit in September.

The pope has called for peaceful coexistence between Islam and Christianity and has said Christians should stay in the Middle East despite rising Islamism.

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Missing peace 23 November 2012, 13:41

i guess there is nothing better to do than visiting the pope....

Thumb positivneutral 23 November 2012, 15:48

What do you suggest @peace?

It's multiple times more important than staying home seeing Sunnis & Shias tearing each others hair out. Somebody should bring in some words of wisdom in a world of rage and malice.

Missing peace 23 November 2012, 17:55

i suggest that our politicians in power solve the lebanese problems before spending public money on trips! esp the pope came to lebanon not so long ago. suleimen already misses him? lol!

Default-user-icon stoptherot (Guest) 23 November 2012, 13:44

.... " Suleiman will attend a ceremony hosted by the Lebanese Ambassador to the Vatican, George Khoury, at the Grand Hotel at 6:00 pm. "
This man went there with a " delegation " on the expenses of the State, with invitations, Drinks, Champagne may be ? and this irresponsible knows that the country need money to get Electricity, Water, Transport system for the needy. The rich do not mind, and the suckers neither. Shameless Rulers. When this country will have Clever and Responsible Politicians to look at the Priorities for the citizens and the taxpayers,

Default-user-icon LebAlways (Guest) 23 November 2012, 18:22

Did he confess his sins?

Default-user-icon stoptherot (Guest) 23 November 2012, 20:26

@ positivneutral, you said : " Quoting Americans when officials take "vacation trips..." Where did you read that ? I did not say this. Mr President and his wife and his court have all seen the pope just recently in Lebanon, I think, and money spent should have gone to poor people or needy people or the ill or the homeless, and not to parties in Rome. @ positivneutral, You also kindly said "... maybe next time it will be more intelligent", well here it is, I think you are a small idiot not to comprehend the written word.