NATO Approves Turkey Request for Syria Border Missiles

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

NATO on Tuesday agreed to deploy Patriot missiles along the border of member state Turkey as requested by Ankara to help it defend its territory against threats from Syria.

"NATO has agreed to augment Turkey's air defense capabilities in order to defend the population and territory of Turkey and to contribute to the de-escalation of the crisis along the alliance's border," a statement said.

Turkey formally asked its NATO partners to deploy the U.S.-made anti-missile system after a series of cross-border shellings, including one that left five civilians dead on October 3.

"We say to anyone who would want to attack Turkey -- don't even think about it," said NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen, announcing the decision taken by the 28-member military alliance.

Germany, the Netherlands and the United States have agreed to provide the Patriot missile batteries, which would come under the command of the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), the NATO statement said.

Stressing that the surface-to-air Patriot system was purely defensive, Rasmussen said technical discussions would now follow about how many of the missiles would be deployed and where.

The discussions at NATO came amid reports that Syria is moving chemical weapons from among its stockpile, as the regime of President Bashar Assad fights rebels seeking to oust him.

"NATO members expressed grave concerns about reports that the Syrian regime is considering the use of chemical weapons. Any such action would be completely unacceptable and a clear breach of international law," Rasmussen said.

The joint NATO statement on the Patriots' deployment stressed that it "will be defensive only. It will in no way support a no-fly zone or any offensive operation."

Rasmussen insisted deploying the missiles would lead to a de-escalation of the crisis, and added that NATO officials would regularly assess the situation and the implementation of the deployment.

NATO's decision reflected "our full determination and resolve to protect our nations and territories," Rasmussen told journalists.

Calling what is happening in Syria "absolutely outrageous," Rasmussen said it was "a responsibility for the international community to facilitate and ensure a peaceful" end to the conflict.

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Default-user-icon Simon Hokayem (Guest) 04 December 2012, 21:46

And now?

Default-user-icon LebExile (Guest) 04 December 2012, 21:54

here comes the no fly zone...

Thumb Elemental 04 December 2012, 22:06

Lebanon could use some of those missiles, how many times Syria came in and how many of our civilians were killed? The Army has enough babysitting Tripoli and stopping Salafists, and as if Hezbollah will defend within our borders? You've gotta be kidding me.

Missing gabby10 04 December 2012, 22:13

Step by step.....the rope is tightening around the giraffe neck!!!

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 05 December 2012, 13:11

that neck needs alot of rope gabby.

Missing gabby10 05 December 2012, 00:40

The Hezz and ASSad murdered those who spoke against them. Everyone knows it. That is why he needs to go. Everything else is noise.

Thumb Chupachups 05 December 2012, 04:42

FT.. Shu batikha enta ya zalameh

U think bashar and his father don't kill their opponents?.....BLEAZE

Missing peace 05 December 2012, 11:35

"everyone knows it?"

i suggest you to read what your dear aoun said about the killings of lebanese people who opposed the syrian regime... alzheimer again? LOL!

Default-user-icon kaftah4life (Guest) 05 December 2012, 06:00

Give the missiles to Hariri.

Missing kaftah4life 05 December 2012, 06:38

Give the missiles to Hariri.

Missing gabby10 05 December 2012, 06:49 suffer from the same anxiety as Aoun, the Hezz, SSNP.....and their representatives I see on the political interview shows. You lash out at anyone who dares support the FSA and against Bashar and the Hezz. This anxiety you feel is your whole M8, Shia backed, Iranian axis and meal ticket coming apart. Your whole world is going to turn upside down. Get your frustration out. It is OK. Tell your friends a new day is coming and you will walk in the sunshine and not plan attacks in the shadows.

Get used to it. Reality is ASSad is gone, the Hezz will be severely weakened. Iran will be in a corner......and that is the way it is. Call everyone a wahabi....or whatever. But a new day is coming. Get used to it. Oh and call Nassy and tell him Gabby says is will be fun watching the glorius Hezz trapped on three sides with the sea at their back. No more ASSad re-supply.

Missing peace 05 December 2012, 11:38

"so enjoy ur binary thinking for now (people are either hezz or FSA), "

by reading you , aren t you with hezb and call FSA scumbags? so i guess he is right no? lol

Default-user-icon lord garth (Guest) 05 December 2012, 16:22

The Patriot system that Turkey is seeking is a defense against ballistic missiles. Syria hasn't fired any of those. Turkey has been hit by fire from syrian aircraft but the Patriot doesn't defend against those.

So, there's a good chance Turkey actually is using the 'syria' issue to get some defense against missiles from Iran.

Missing gabby10 05 December 2012, 17:21

Thanks peace!! Flame_Retardant......that wasn't much of a come back. Not your usual venom. I think I may have struck a nerve. The next time a MiG is shot down or another base will know I am right. Just let go. Accept that Bashar is dead. Move on. Nothing lasts forever.