Syrians Call for Protests against Any U.N. Peacekeepers

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Syrian activists called online for nationwide protests on Friday to reject any future U.N. deployment of blue helmets in the strife-torn country, as rebels inched closer to the capital amid raging violence.

"No to 'peacekeeping' forces in Syria," was the slogan announced for weekly Friday protests, according to the Syrian Revolution 2011 Facebook page.

Ever since the outbreak of a popular revolt against President Bashar Assad in March 2011, thousands of protesters have taken to streets in towns and cities across Syria to call for the fall of the regime.

As Syria's conflict has evolved, weekly slogans agreed by activists have been designed to express the mood among dissidents.

Last week, international peace envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi said the country "very, very urgently" needed a ceasefire and a large peacekeeping force.

Anti-regime activist Omar Shakir said "the notion of a peacekeeping force as a solution for Syria has been in the air for some time.

"We want to deliver a message not only to the international community but also to the Syrian political opposition that nobody on the ground would accept the deployment of blue helmets.

"Peacekeepers would mean Syria would be split in two, into pro and anti-regime areas. We are against the partition of Syria."

"The (rebel) Free Syrian Army is advancing at high speed towards the capital. If blue helmets are deployed, that would enable the regime to stay in power."

As violence has intensified, the number of protesters taking to the streets on Fridays has waned, but demonstrations have nevertheless continued to take place.

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Thumb Elemental 06 December 2012, 21:02

Look at your alternatives, you have Salafists/Jihadists and Hezbollah/Iran, is that really better?

Missing gabby10 07 December 2012, 03:17

At this point I say take the devil you don't know. The devil you know will kill anyone and has ruined Lebanon.

Missing abraham 07 December 2012, 06:43

gabby 10
you are so simple minded person
who ruined lebanon,
the people who foolishly follow their supposed leaders
look at tripoli now
just because you sent people to fight someone revolution and they die there, does that give you a reason to destroy your country

Missing samiam 07 December 2012, 13:58

You miss a few things too--the government of Syria has never been a friend to Lebanon. Even formal diplomatic relation took almost 70 years to establish--if Syria is such a brother or friend, why weren't embassies established earlier? Also, why hasn't the border been demarcated between the two countries?

Additionally, Syria, under the ASSads has always felt that Lebanon was taken from them and they have done all they can to destabilize the country and look for excuses to come in. Syria pretends to be our friend, but their actions show a different story. Out of our 2 neighbors, I prefer Israel because I know where they stand. With Syria, their actions have nothing to do with what they are saying. I say get rid of the regime and take our chances with the next one--we know where the current one stands and it really can't be much worse.