Moussawi Slams 'Baseless' Syrian Claims that Assassinations against Mufti Shaar Being Prepared

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP Nawwaf al-Moussawi slammed on Thursday claims by defected Syrian cleric Abdul Jalil Saeed that Syria was planning on assassinating Mufti of Tripoli and the North Sheikh Malek al-Shaar.

He said: “The claims are lies and baseless.”

“The accusations are a reflection of the insanity plaguing those people,” he added.

Shaar had revealed on Wednesday details surrounding the alleged death threats he had received and which made him decide to prolong his stay in Europe.

In an interview on Future TV, al-Shaar said: “I have received several phone calls and I even met with army officers who advised me to be cautious as my movements are being watched”.

Saeed had revealed in a taped interview that Ibrahim Hamad, a captain in the Syrian intelligence, had been collecting information about the northern Mufti.

"Hamad came to Beirut many times and met with several figures at the office of MP Nawwaf Moussawi,” he said.

"I have been informed by people in the Syrian Dar al-Fatwa that he (Hamad) was going to personally supervise the assassination operation from the Bekaa region,” he added, explaining that al-Shaar was supposed to be targeted near the residence of the Bekaa Mufti Mohammed Khalil al-Mayss.

Saeed also said that two members of the Lebanese Dar al-Fatwa are involved in this assassination attempt.

He revealed that the assassination plot against al-Shaar is linked to the case of former Minister Michel Samaha.

Samaha was arrested in August on charges of forming a criminal gang aimed at carrying out attacks in Lebanon at Syria's behest.

Syrian security chief Ali Mamlouk and another Syrian official identified as Colonel Adnan were also charged in the case.

Al-Shaar announced in early December that he will not be returning to Lebanon from a trip to Europe after he has allegedly received death threats.

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Thumb lebnanfirst 20 December 2012, 18:46

Notice he did not deny meeting with the Syrian intelligence officer Ibrahim Hamad...

Missing mohammad_ca 20 December 2012, 18:52

Yes yes everyone is insane except for you hizbocrap...

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 20 December 2012, 19:13

You will have to answer for your crimes in due time you dispicable excuse of a human being! you will not get away with murder!

Thumb benzona 20 December 2012, 19:29

I know why he is saying this. Because him and his party usually make the death threats, but this time it came from a Syrian spy that didn't consult with Hezbollah.

Missing samiam 20 December 2012, 20:51

same fabric as HA, deny, deny and insist.

bunch of liars and killers in that regime.

Thumb andre.jabbour 20 December 2012, 20:59

you're lame sir.

Missing peace 20 December 2012, 21:07

so what? they refuse to give a picture but besides that teams from DIFFERENT nationalities gathered tons of evidence... you failed to mention that in your obsession to prove syria and hezbos are innocent.....

Default-user-icon ICP (Guest) 20 December 2012, 21:40

And who knows more about insanity than Nawwaf al-Moussawi... I know, a wise guy will say Michel Aoun but really I think it's a toss up.

Missing gabby11 20 December 2012, 21:58

How would he know everything is baseless if e wasn't involved with those who know if it is or isn't.

The world knows ASSad and Hizcocaine are behind all the Lebanon killings. They more they deny, they more we know it is true. They always deny the truth.

Thumb shab 21 December 2012, 01:29

filth begets filth.

Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) 21 December 2012, 02:11

The satan Nawwaf al-Moussawi has spoken. Hezb al shaytan once again has been revealed.

Thumb JabalElFersan 21 December 2012, 02:12

FT,, very well said!!

Thumb LebDinosaur 21 December 2012, 07:33

How come he knows so much about Syrian affairs? He must be very close to them :)

Default-user-icon N (Guest) 21 December 2012, 09:14

Yes and thats was the March 8 camp rushed to clear the evidence of a massive crime scene. I guess according to you stupid logice they conspired with the US! You are STOOOOOOOOPID! March 8 must be very happy to have idiot lemmings like you roaming around lebanon.

Thumb andre.jabbour 21 December 2012, 11:00

Look at his photo, he looks more Iranian than Lebanese. Note that I have nothing against the brave Iranian people at all.... But what is his place in the Lebanese political life?

Missing allouchi 21 December 2012, 14:37

mowaten, Sheikh Malek al-Shaar is a moderate and pro Mustaqbal ...dahhhhhhhhh and don't make false accusations....

Missing peace 21 December 2012, 19:02

Another example of mowaten biased mind!!
outraged because a sheikh pro hezbollah was killed ( which i condemned)but doesn t care about the others because against hezbollah!!! lol...

remember these:
A sniper killed Sheikh Khaled al-Baradei, 28. even if salafi it s execution style by your friends
Sheikh Ahmad Abdel-Wahed and his companion, Sheikh Mohammad al-Mereb, killed by the army...
Hassan Khaled assassinated in 1989 by Syria, your close friends.

we can keep on listing all the sheikhs executed by your friends too...

so stop your BS and propaganda to try and make believe only one side is evil and you are clean, laughable you are.... M8 stupidity at its best....

Missing peace 21 December 2012, 21:24

"one of a supposed assassination attempt which never happened. "
how can you know that? oh elmanar or alakhbar told you so? lol!

Missing peace 21 December 2012, 21:25

they never rushed... they were heading back to where they came from, the sheikh said he didn t want to go to halba anymore and got shot at...

Missing peace 21 December 2012, 21:31

"you can say who fired the sniper rifle? "
it came from the camp under hezbi and baath influence... M14 are there?

AND mowaten about "i'm denouncing the fake accusations based on nothing, " thing,
you took the example of one pro hezbi sheikh that was murdered to generalize your propagandist views on M14 making believe that they are only blood thirsty people...
typical M8 stance to depict the others as dangerous so to spread your hatred...

that s why i gave you examples of sheikhs also killed by people that are on your side (and we can add to that list...) to show you that before lecturing others you d better be clean before otherwise you have ZERO credibility!!

Missing allouchi 21 December 2012, 19:13

"Around 80 gunmen, supporters of the Future Movement or allied Islamist groups"

Al Manar and Al Akhbar are your sources!!! VERY biased and not really very believable...Sheikh Asmar is NOT a moderate...regardless, his killing is senseless....