Netanyahu Wants Broad Coalition to Handle 'Security Threats'

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said he would seek a broad and stable coalition to deal with Iran's nuclear ambitions and the possible transfer of Syrian weapons.

"The entire region is raging and we must be prepared, strong, and determined in the face of any possible development," he told his cabinet ahead of its weekly meeting.

"That is why I will strive to form a government as broad and stable as possible, to deal with all the significant security threats facing Israel."

Netanyahu is expected to be formally tasked by President Shimon Peres in the coming days with forming a coalition, after legislative elections last week in which his joint list won most seats in the parliament.

In his remarks, Netanyahu referred to International Holocaust Day, which is marked on Sunday, and accused Iran's leaders of "denying the existence of the Holocaust, while preparing what they think will be the next Holocaust -- destroying the Jewish state."

"They are not stopping their incessant and systematic race to obtain nuclear weapons to reach that end," he said. "We do not take those threats lightly, and will prevent them, this is our first priority as a government and people."

Netanyahu has frequently warned about the danger of Iran's nuclear program of uranium enrichment, which Israel and much of the West believes hides a weapons drive.

He has refused to rule out the option of unilateral military action if all other ways to halt the program fail.

Israel is itself widely believed to be the Middle East's only nation with an atomic weapons capability.

The premier on Sunday stressed the need to "look around, at what is happening in Iran and its proxies, what is happening in other arenas with lethal weapons in Syria, which is falling apart."

According to reports in Israeli media, Netanyahu last Wednesday convened an emergency discussion with the security establishment and his inner cabinet on the situation in Syria and the risk of it losing control over its arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.

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Thumb phoenician 27 January 2013, 13:23

God bless Israel and Lebanon.

Missing moonsear 27 January 2013, 14:49


Missing bigjohn 27 January 2013, 18:12

You have a picture of the Western Christian Crusaders and the name of Phoenician who were idol worshipers and existed a thousand years prior. The first thing the Western Catholic crusaders did when they came here was to kill the Jews (before killing Muslims and Orthodox Christians) because they consider them Christ killers, and you say god bless Israel??? Are you aware that Israel is a JEWISH state and not a "Christian" state???

Thumb jcamerican 27 January 2013, 13:46

Why did you have to mention Lebanon for?

Missing ssnp01 27 January 2013, 14:38

Jews scum of the earth..

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 27 January 2013, 14:50

the most lucrative business of the world:THE HOLOCAUST.

Thumb geha 27 January 2013, 17:24

mark my words (and here the insults will start)
Israel and hizbushaitan will end up with the tightest alliance to join forces against Arabs as was the case with the shah, otherwise, hizbushaitan will be destroyed.
the best ally to Israel in the region has always been the Iranians.

Missing bigjohn 27 January 2013, 17:33

The Zionist entity kills daily, invade, occupies, threatens, persecutes, destroys peoples homes, steal land....AND THEY WANT SECURITY for their aggression. How long can this entity survive? I remember when black anti apartheid activists in the US told me in the 1980's that Palestine will be freed before South Africa because the international community do not support the ANC like the Palestinians. I have no doubt in my mind that the racist Zionist entity years are numbered....and just like South African apartheid, it will be due to resistance and international boycott.

Missing bigjohn 27 January 2013, 17:48

The1phoenix..I never said it will be simple. The region and the world is going through major changes just as their were major changes when the Soviet Union collapsed in the 1980's. As the European countries look to the future (instead to their "glorious" past), they will have to make major adjustments in their relationships with the east and the Holocaust blackmail by Zionists will be OLD history.

Just as long HA is ruled by a pragmatic leader like Nasrallah ( and not a nut like tfueili) they and Lebanon will be OK...but, difficult times are ahead!