Israel's Netanyahu Freezes Ice Cream Expenditures


Following an Israeli newspaper's scoop, the country's prime minister has "frozen" his annual ice cream budget.

Benjamin Netanyahu's office on Sunday said once he was made aware of the state-financed contract issued to purchase ice cream from his favorite Jerusalem parlor he ordered it stopped immediately. Netanyahu called the contract "excessive and unacceptable."

The Israel economic publication "Calcalist" published a list of items on the prime minister's annual expense budget, including $2,700 for ice cream.

Following the publication, Israelis flocked to the "Metudela" ice cream shop near the prime minister's residence to check out his alleged favorite flavors: pistachio and vanilla.

The prime minister's office said the cost included hosting high-ranking officials at the official residence. Still, it offered a rare peek into the personal life of the private Netanyahu.

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Thumb jcamerican 19 February 2013, 12:23

Hell with the contract, this marketing trick will surpass it for Metudela.

Default-user-icon PunJabi (Guest) 20 February 2013, 03:36

Way, WAAY too many puns in this article for my taste! D'oh!