Military Court Demands Death Penalty for Samaha, Mamlouk on Terrorism Charges

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Military Tribunal issued on Wednesday an indictment against former Minister Michel Samaha and a Syrian official on charges of planning to carry out terrorist attacks in Lebanon.

First Military Investigation Judge Riyad Abu Ghida indicted Samaha and Syrian security official Ali Mamlouk on terrorism charges.

They may face the death penalty if convicted.

Abu Ghida also approved a request made last week by State Commissioner to the Military Court Judge Saqr Saqr to issue a search warrant to identify a Syrian colonel known only by his first name Adnan who plotted for the bombings with the other suspects.

Saqr requested Tuesday that Samaha and Mamlouk be tried on counts of terrorism.

He also recommended that both suspects be indicted for preparing explosives, and transporting them from Syria to Lebanon to carry out attacks and assassination attempts to provoke sectarian strife at the behest of the Syrian regime.

Samaha was detained in August, but Mamlouk remains free.

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Missing 20 February 2013, 13:55

Do you mean all shia? Why is it necessary that you keep associating the word with negative ones? If others do the same for the word sunni, does it make it right?

Default-user-icon karim_m1 (Guest) 20 February 2013, 14:49

God bless minister Samaha and General Aoun fighting terrorists wherever they are by all means necessary.

Missing angrysyrian 20 February 2013, 15:21

Congratulations to Lebanon....I promise the honorable Lebanese that we will send them Ali Mamlouk under our free government once we get rid of the tyrant of Kurdaha

Thumb andre.jabbour 20 February 2013, 15:43

yislam hal tom.

Missing beirutbastard00 20 February 2013, 19:30

Loool@ and Jerry :p

Missing allouchi 20 February 2013, 15:46

Hang him high...

Missing abraham 20 February 2013, 15:57

what happened to the term Inocent until proven guilty in the courtroom by the jury.
I guess that doesn't exist in Lebanon, The prosecutor the press and the lame commentators are the judge and jury
what a country and what a judicial system

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 20 February 2013, 17:29

He was caught on tape genius! he didn't even deny it! what more do you want?

Thumb geha 20 February 2013, 16:05

Oh this time round the guy belongs as much t hizbushaitan as he belongs to aoun. so they will both do their best to let him go with a slap on thwrist.

Default-user-icon Alexander (Guest) 20 February 2013, 16:54

Childish are those who think that Hezbollah are not implicated in all these crime series that we live since 2005. All Syrians allies participated in function of their capabilities and according to the importance of the assigned task. Those who enjoy the privilege of security zones, weapons, private networks, were just spectators all these years? And the only assassination mission that was ordered by Syrian is that assigned to Samaha? How simple we are....

Default-user-icon +oua nabka+ (Guest) 20 February 2013, 19:28

Death penalty should be for all the collaborators of the Syrian regime in Lebanon since 1976