Saniora Says Syria 'Threat' Totally Rejected, Asks Govt. to Prevent Attacks from Lebanon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Head of al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc ex-PM Fouad Saniora on Friday strongly condemned Damascus' “threat” to bomb what it called “terrorist gangs” operating in Lebanese territory, urging the government to inform the Arab League and the U.N. of the warning.

“We have already reiterated several times our firm rejection of turning Lebanon and the Lebanese border into a place and launchpad for interfering in the Syrian affairs, while expressing our solidarity with the goals of the Syrian revolution and offering political and media support,” Saniora said in a statement.

The ex-PM called on the Lebanese government to provide “clear and frank answers to the Syrian accusations and to act quickly and at all levels to take the security and military measures to protect the border and Lebanon's northern and eastern regions from attacks, which seem to be already decided.”

Saniora also urged Lebanese authorities to “prevent gunmen, to whichever side they belong, from using Lebanese territory as a launchpad for military operations” against Syrian forces through “deploying the army on the border and preventing violations.”

The former prime minister described the threat issued by Syria's foreign ministry as “unacceptable and totally rejected, as it signals that the attack on Lebanon has already been decided, given the several escalatory and intimidating stances issued over the past two days by Syrian figures and pro-Syria Lebanese figures.”

Syria on Thursday warned that its forces would fire into Lebanon if "terrorist gangs" continued to infiltrate the country, in a letter of protest to Lebanon.

Saniora cautioned against “any attack on Lebanese territory,” saying “it would have uncalculated consequences amid these circumstances.”

“It the Lebanese government's duty to immediately inform the Arab League's secretary-general and ask him to convey the message to the brotherly Arab nations, in addition to informing the U.N.'s secretary-general of the possible dangers that the Syrian threats might lead to,” Saniora added.

“Is there someone seeking to blow up the situations in Lebanon on the eve of the Arab summit that will be held in Doha, in order to divert attention from the crimes of the Syrian regime ... and to focus the attention on Lebanon after executing the threats and the already decided Syrian attacks?” Saniora warned.

The U.N. Security Council expressed "grave concern" Thursday over cross-border attacks between Syria and Lebanon in a rare united declaration on the Syrian conflict.

Council members "underscored their grave concern over repeated incidents of cross-border fire which caused death and injury among the Lebanese population, incursions, abductions and arms trafficking across the Lebanese-Syrian border, as well as other border violations."

Earlier, the Syrian foreign ministry said "these past 36 hours, armed terrorist gangs have infiltrated Syrian territory in large numbers from Lebanon."

"Syrian forces are showing restraint by not striking these gangs inside Lebanese territory to prevent them from crossing into Syria, but this will not go on indefinitely," it said, urging Lebanon to take action.

Earlier on Thursday, Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul Karim Ali announced that Syria had submitted the letter of protest to Lebanese authorities, complaining against “violations of the neighboring country's territory on the border.”

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Thumb mckinl 15 March 2013, 17:09

The Lebanese Army needs to take control of the border ... declaring curfews and manning roadblocks if necessary ... It is clear that both sides are being supplied through Lebanon ... this must stop or Lebanon will be the next free fire conflict zone ...

Thumb bigsami 15 March 2013, 17:34

Correct mckinl.....that included any sect from within that stands in the way....aka HA!

Thumb mckinl 15 March 2013, 17:40

The problem is both sides are making big bucks supplying the war. This greed for war profiteering by both Future and HA affiliates is guiding the political process ...

Thumb mckinl 15 March 2013, 17:43

The next step is to get Turkey and Jordan to close their borders to all but humanitarian aid ...

Default-user-icon lapazjim (Guest) 15 March 2013, 18:15

Ok so this esentially means that Assad will be declaring war upon Lebanon.This will be his attempt at widening his countries conflict to others.Remember that Israel is close by and it could be an attempt to draw them into it.Sometimes you need to look at possible altierer motives!!!!

Thumb bigsami 15 March 2013, 18:32

Thanks but the fact remains you are a SCHOOL BOY and 9-10 (I gave you 1 btw) of your posts are CHILDISH and IRRELEVANT!

Enjoy looking for colorful bunny eggs with your class this Easter.

Default-user-icon Khorrajan Dabavitch (Guest) 15 March 2013, 18:59

The rejections will become unbearably stronger by the losers, thieves and retards of al-Mustaqbal al-Ta3ees once the Syrians begin bombarding the hell out of the Sunni crazies, aka al-Qaeda nutcases, on or side of the border.

Missing helicopter 16 March 2013, 00:42

He is not in a position to stop any thugs. He is encouraging the army to spread everywhere, no red lines or cover afforded to anyone. So M8 Government go ahead perform your national duties in protecting the borders and border towns and stop all trafficking both ways.

Missing maroun 16 March 2013, 06:23

the only terrorist in Lebanon are those sponsored by your Hizb idiot..and i forgot that deserter general of yours

Thumb dandoun 16 March 2013, 11:57

alwa2 alwa2 ....7aram he cant count any more money..his mouth is gonna drop looooooooooooooooooool