Troops Detained for Abusing Asir Supporter as Qahwaji Orders Probe

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The army on Thursday handed over a group of soldiers accused of abusing a detainee to the military police for questioning, a military source and the state-run National News Agency said.

The move came after amateur video emerged showing a group of soldiers humiliating, beating and kicking a man suspected of supporting a Salafist cleric Ahmed al-Asir whose men fought troops near the southern city of Sidon.

"The group of soldiers behind the beating of a civilian in Sidon has been detained by the military police and is now being investigated," the NNA said.

A military source confirmed the report, adding: "We do not accept this kind of behavior."

Soldiers battled supporters of al-Asir in Abra neighborhood in Sidon last weekend in a major gun battle lasting 24 hours.

Asir is now on the run after 18 soldiers were killed in the clash.

Earlier on Thursday, the army said it had ordered a "major investigation" into the beating of a suspect.

The video footage shows the man saying he worked in al-Asir's mosque, but that he has no weapons and had nothing to do with the fighting.

"I have no weapons... I don't like him (al-Asir), may God curse him," says the man, visibly afraid.

"Liar!" cries a soldier.

Wearing a white T-shirt, the suspect is seated cross-legged on the ground, with around a dozen troops surrounding him.

The video shows one man in civilian clothing hitting him, then a soldier kicking him and finally several others joining in.

A man is heard ordering those filming with their telephones to stop, and the footage ends abruptly.

The Abra clash was the worst in Lebanon since the outbreak of conflict in neighboring Syria 27 months ago has deepened sectarian tensions.

In a separate development, Hizbullah evacuated two apartments in Abra on Thursday near al-Asir's headquarters, after the cleric had accused it of stocking arms there and of spying on him.

"We have evacuated the buildings in order to keep the peace in the area," a Hizbullah source told Agence France Presse on condition of anonymity.

A military source confirmed the report.

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Thumb benzona 27 June 2013, 15:54

Who's kicking the hell it of the man working in Ghaziyyé?

Sunni? No!

Christian? No!

Shia? YES!!!

Chabiha? YES!!!


Thumb lebanon_first 27 June 2013, 16:10

Hey Ben... Tu es assez interessé par la politique libanaise et assez prolifique en commentaires pour quelquun qui ne compte pas venir au liban.

Thumb benzona 27 June 2013, 16:14

Je dois être un bon sioniste.

Thumb benzona 27 June 2013, 16:23

«dont buy benny's soup, he's more israeli than moshe dayan.»

Allahû Akbar!

You caught me..... Avec la main dans la cookie jar!

Thumb benzona 28 June 2013, 01:48

Ya latif Banimarouf.

It feels like a disguised may 7.

Anyone letting this go go unpunished is an accomplice. Yes, from all sects. Arise people, Lebanon is in danger.

Missing rafidahhh11 27 June 2013, 22:08

Civil war soon, tfehh shia pigs, exactly like assads kleb, may god destroy every lebanese who acts in such barbaric ways

Thumb sophia_angle 27 June 2013, 16:15

our problem is we r living in the 3rd world where ignorance is a majority so the minority will suffer big timezz ;)

Thumb benzona 27 June 2013, 16:16

Do you deny writing a couple of days ago that some Hezbollah fighters have enrolled with the army?

Obviously, on the above video.... We've got a fine selection of these holy soldiers.

Missing wahabislayer 27 June 2013, 16:19

There's nothing wrong here. Just another wahabi feeling what his brothers in syria are feeling under the boots of the army.

Thumb christianimmigrant 27 June 2013, 17:42

yea beat the sh%$ out of him.

Missing allouchi 27 June 2013, 16:43

Look at the pathetic M8's blinding them...what comes around goes around ya habileh..this act must be punished...these soldiers are acting like rag tag bandits...Our military should be an example of good and professional behavior...

Thumb Senescence 28 June 2013, 03:38

"to the sound of fadl shaker's latest single 'takol albi'.."
I heartedly chuckled, hilarious; well done!

Thumb geha 27 June 2013, 17:09

m8 haters have nothing else to do but attack benzona for expressing his opinion.
does this remind you of something? yes, Salman. and yes, the above video, and several others.
m8 are thugs who deny everything until proof is there in front of their eyes, then what do they do? they attack you with Zionist, Israeli,....
filthy Iranian militia.

Thumb geha 27 June 2013, 18:33

fanatic? you talk about fanatics? you low life hizbo extremist :)
as for the rest of your insults: that goes to show your hatred to any opinion different from yours with proofs.
you are a blind Iranian traitor, so please get out of my country so I can live in peace.

Thumb geha 27 June 2013, 17:13

to m8 thugs: if ever you think getting rid of asir demoralizes us, then think again.
we are glad you took him out, but we are here to stay and take you out when we want

Thumb christianimmigrant 27 June 2013, 17:43

who are you to start with? introduce yourself so we know if you are M14, Hariri aka Qaeda or just another salafi thug.

Thumb geha 27 June 2013, 18:36

stupidity of m8 traitors is so clear in their comments.
they have a few labels they use to attack national Lebanese while they are Iranian murderers, drug dealers, terrorists, extremists, shabiha....
so anyone that is not following their turbaned idiot, they call him Qaeda or salafi.
the difference is: they are what I said above and it is proved.

Thumb geha 27 June 2013, 19:34

oh no. I id not call him majoos (go back to what I said).
I called him for what he is: another Iranian traitor, which he is.
his avatar never fooled anyone :)he is not even Christian :)

Missing lebanon4ever 27 June 2013, 17:18

I believe that the lebanese army is our only guarantee and whom ever attacks it needs to pay the price but I honestly found that video disturbing.

Default-user-icon AntiIran (Guest) 27 June 2013, 18:12

found that video disturbing.

Default-user-icon TheTruth (Guest) 27 June 2013, 18:21

It is disturbing and unacceptable when a defenseless person is physically abused, especially by the army who is supposed to be protecting civilians and not torturing them like the assad army gang does (which is the main reason the people of Syria are rightfully revolting against that tyrant)

Thumb geha 27 June 2013, 18:39

this is our problem with our army who stood by while salman was murdered in front of their eyes and they did not lift a finger. they did not even let the red cross take him to a hospital while they still could save his life.
if this army wants to prosecute me for what I am saying, then let them start by prosecuting themselves for protecting an Iranian militia and doing their job.

Default-user-icon NATASHA (Guest) 27 June 2013, 19:37

i dont understand ppl,why is everyone making a big deal out of the army beating this guy,did people forget that the army lost 16-18soldiers,those soldiers,are our brothers,our fathers ,sisters, mothers, obviously after a skirmish tensions are high,for those critisizing the army,why dont they speak up when salafist behead ppl because they dont agree with there religion or are different. any country in the world,no matter what,the people should stand with there army .i dont think its right what they did to this guy,but then again ,who can for sure say this guy wasnt shooting at them earlier.just my opinion, and i know some of u wont like it but,this is freedom of speech.p.s: i am not affiliated with any political party,i dont like any of them ,because they all have there own agendas,they all have masters outside lebanon .so in my opinion, all our politicians are whores to other countries ,we need to elect new young people and i mean not the son of this or the son of that.

Default-user-icon NATASHA (Guest) 27 June 2013, 22:06

for the people that gave me thumbs down, i would like to know why u disagree with me, is it because i said we need to change all the politicians in Lebanon? or is it because i am saying we should support our Army.or is it because i don t have any affiliation to any political or religious party ? :-)

Thumb geha 27 June 2013, 19:37

Actually all the cards have been played and now that the truth is apparent you will not believe what kind of assistance these events gave m14: you increased our popularity tenfold.
a lot of people are appalled by what happened, thanks to you guys.
nobody is against the army, btw we want the army to act as it should be acting, i.e. protect the Lebanese against all invaders especially Iranians.

Thumb geha 27 June 2013, 19:39

الضربات العسكرية، مهما كانت ناجحة، لا تنفع، في الحالة التي يمر بها لبنان، فنشوء الحركات هي استجابة لحاجة الشارع. ضربة الأسير، زادت حاجة الشارع الى الأسيرية

Thumb geha 27 June 2013, 19:40

المظاهر التي رافقت عملية القضاء على " مخيّم الأسير"، حضّرت الأرض لحالات أسيرية جديدة. سلوكيات "حزب الله" في معركة صيدا والتعرض للأبرياء والتعاطي المخزي لمجموعات عسكرية مع من أوقفهم الجيش والإمعان في التبني الطائفي لما حصل، كلّها زادت الذل ذلا، والغضب غضبا، والتطرف تطرفا!

Thumb geha 27 June 2013, 19:41

وهذه الحالة التي رافقت وأعقبت القضاء على الأسير، ستجعل الحاجة أكثر إلحاحا إلى أسير محنك أكثر، وإلى أسير أقوى أكثر، وإلى أسير محصّن أكثر، وإلى أسير صوته أعلى أكثر!

في دراسة أجريت لعمليات الإعدام، تبيّن أن تنفيذ الإعدام يعطي نتائج ردعية ، على المدى القريب فحسب. فورا ينقص منسوب جرائم القتل، لكن بعد حين، ومع ذبول الصورة، تعود جرائم القتل الى الإزدهار!

غدا، عندما ينتهي مفعول الضربة العسكرية، سنرى الأسير عائدا، باسم جديد، وبحلة جديدة، وبأسلوب جديد، إلا إذا، اختلفت المعطيات!

Default-user-icon antoun (Guest) 27 June 2013, 19:42

If u pay attention to the video, at 1:26 he recives a WHATSAPP msg?? From who might i dare ask?? why when where???

Missing realist 27 June 2013, 20:07

They will arrest some people and let them go after people forget, samir hana anyone??? Lol, go make marajil on those who killed the protester under your nose.

Thumb Marc 27 June 2013, 20:25

Not a good idea for all the media outlets and online news to publish the video. It sure is wrong and the soldiers didn't show their code of ethics and discipline. It is also their leader role to control their action ... It is understandable that they are frustrated after losing friends and comrades but this behavior is not acceptable and I hope the army shows the citizens that will not be repeated or tolerated....


Missing mohammad_ca 27 June 2013, 21:17

you sound like Charbel "let's work with the media to fold up the picture and hide it"...HELL no, let everyone see how these animals are treating citizens.

Thumb natasha 27 June 2013, 22:15

i like this, for once u guys are agreeing on something like all the politicians need to be removed and replaced by new young educated people who really care about the future of Lebanon,not those old relics called politicians .

GOD bless u all Christians, Muslims, Hindou, Boudist ,all religions. end of the day ,we are all created equal ,politicians and religious figures are what corrupt our society for there benefits.

Thumb benzona 27 June 2013, 22:37

Hahahahaha ROTFL. Your humour is deadly roaringFT. I love it!

Thumb benzona 27 June 2013, 23:43

Slash, Natasha and even the roar (imagine!) +1

Default-user-icon Lebanese Intelligence (Guest) 28 June 2013, 01:43

I am utterly disgusted at the wasted lives of 16 Lebanese soldiers. They were fine men. That Asseer clown and his followers deserve death, nothing else. All you trying to support Asseer by trying to pin his savage attack on Lebanese soldiers on Hezbollah, go to Hell.

Thumb Senescence 28 June 2013, 03:52

Under such high stress the culprit is more inclined to talk. He was probably issuing death threats or insults or being overly uncooperative though I suspect it was of the former. A boot or two in the face for the lowly scum attacking the Army and risking his life for an extremist pig disrupting the country's balance is good in my book.

Missing cowboymicho 30 June 2013, 15:36

Poor asir supporter. The army should have taken him to dinner and wined and dined him at the riviera