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Hariri: Hizbullah will Reject Any Indictment Accusing it of Crime, Campaign Responding to Aoun Begins Monday

Prime Minister Saad Hariri noted on Friday that Hizbullah will reject any indictment that accuses it of being behind the assassination of former Premier Rafik Hariri, reported As Safir on Saturday.

MP Ammar Houri revealed Hariri's position to the paper after the Mustaqbal bloc meeting Friday.

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International Condemnation of Israel's Violation of Lebanon's Telecommunications Sector

The International Telecommunication Union conference in Mexico condemned on Friday Israel's violation of Lebanon's telecommunications sector, saying that the sector has and is still being subject to Israeli interference, reported As Safir on Saturday.

It said that Lebanon's "mobile phone and land lines are being subject to Israeli piracy, interference, and obstruction."

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Saqr: Hariri-Nasrallah Meeting Soon, False Witnesses File May Blow up in Faces of those Who Recklessly Deal with it

MP Oqab Saqr warned on Saturday against recklessly dealing with the false witnesses file as doing so may backfire against those handling the matter.

He told the Kuwaiti al-Seyasah: "We are handling it with diligence because if an internal or foreign side is harmed, then the harm will only affect us indirectly."

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Hizbullah: We will Confront Indictment through All Means Except Escalation on the Ground

A political source from Hizbullah revealed that the party will prevent the implementation of indictment in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri through "refusing to hand over any of its accused members or any accused from the opposition."

It told the daily Asharq al-Awsat Saturday: "Hizbullah and the opposition have several means to confront the indictment with political and constitutional methods through the institutions."

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Sarkozy Hosts Berri: Should Thwart Attempts to Transform Lebanon into an Iranian Base

House Speaker Nabih Berri is expected to head to Paris on Tuesday to hold talks with a number of French officials on the situation in Lebanon, bilateral ties, and regional matters, reported the daily An Nahar Saturday.

Spokesperson for the French Foreign Minister, Bernard Valero, said in a statement that the visit "is a new opportunity for France to voice its support for the Lebanese government and Lebanon's unity and independence."

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Saudi Informs Syria that Indictment Postponed Until March

Semi-official Saudi Arabian sources recently informed Syria that Prosecutor in the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, Daniel Bellemare, is expected to postpone issuing the indictment in the investigation into the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri until March, reported Al-Akhbar Saturday from informed sources.

They added that prominent Lebanese sides have also been informed of this in recent days.

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Geagea: Indictment Won't Ruin the Country, Those Saying That Intend to Wreak Havoc

It is not the indictment to be issued by the prosecutor of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon that will ruin the country, Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea has said, noting that "those who are claiming that have the intention to wreak havoc" in Lebanon.

Geagea played down "threats" in that regard, stressing that the State has the capability to prevent any Lebanese group from using force to oppress any other Lebanese group.

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Suleiman Headed to Switzerland to Take Part in Francophone Summit

President Michel Suleiman headed to Switzerland on Friday to take part in the 13th Francophone summit to be held in the Lake Geneva town of Montreux despite an upset over the Nov 29 Swiss ban on minaret construction.

Suleiman was accompanied by Defense Minister Elias Murr, Foreign Minister Ali Shami and Education Minister Salim Warde.

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Wahhab Calls on Hariri to Resign: Feltman Main Instigator of Strife

Tawheed Movement leader former minister Wiam Wahhab called on Prime Minister Saad Hariri to resign and for the establishment of a transition government.

He told LBC: "Hariri is hanging on to his power and I challenge him to resign. He is incapable of managing a government under the admission of the majority of government officials including his own ministers."

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Feltman: Instability is Hizbullah's Choice

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman affirmed that he did not visit Damascus during his recent trip that took him to Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and France.

He said the reason he did not visit Damascus was because he was on a specific mission in which he, along with the new U.S. Ambassador Maura Connell, was scheduled to convey a message to President Michel Suleiman from Obama.

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