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U.S. Slaps Sanctions on Gadhafi, Berlusconi Believes Libyan Leader No Longer in Control of his Country

U.S. President Barack Obama has imposed personal sanctions on Libya's Moammar Gadhafi and four of his sons, in a clear attempt to further weaken his teetering regime and punish brutal assaults against his people.

Obama wielded presidential power in an executive order Friday to seize the assets of Gadhafi and named family members in the United States and globally within the auspices of U.S. financial institutions, saying the "human dignity" of Libyans "cannot be denied."

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U.N. Human Rights Council Recommends Libya Exclusion, Decides to Probe Violations

The U.N. Human Rights Council unanimously called Friday for Libya to be suspended from the body and for a probe into violations by the regime, in a dramatic session which witnessed the defection of Tripoli's envoy.

In a resolution adopted by consensus, the 47-member U.N. body decided to "urgently dispatch an independent, international commission of inquiry ... to investigate all alleged violations of international human rights law in Libya."

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Defiant Gadhafi Appears in Tripoli's Green Square: We Will Beat Them

An embattled Moammar Gadhafi said he would throw open the country's arsenals to his supporters in a rabble rousing speech Friday that presaged a bloody battle for the Libyan capital.

In a brief but chilling address in Tripoli's Green Square, Gadhafi told hundreds of cheering supporters from the top of a building to prepare themselves for a fight.

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Sarkozy Says Gadhafi Must Go, State Violence Can't Go Unpunished

Loyalists of Moammar Gadhafi killed several people in shooting that was spreading through Tripoli on Friday as French President Nicolas Sarkozy said the embattled Libyan leader "must go."

And as protesters against Gadhafi's iron-fisted four-decade rule braved deadly gunfire in several parts of the capital, opponents braced for a fightback by a regime that has suffered yet more defections.

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Libya Revolt May Clear Moussa al-Sadr Mystery

Lebanon's Shiites are hoping that the revolt in Libya may shed light on the fate of their revered spiritual leader Moussa al-Sadr, whose 1978 disappearance soured relations between the two countries.

"We have long been waiting for Moammer Gadhafi the tyrant to fall or be killed in the hope of knowing what happened to our Imam," said Hussein Maana, 51, a resident of the southern Lebanese village of Maaraka, the hometown of Sadr's family.

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MEA Awaiting Permission from Libya to Evacuate Lebanese Citizens

Middle East Airlines announced on Thursday that it has prepared one of its planes to head to Libya on Friday once it receives permission from Libyan authorities to evacuate Lebanese citizens from the country.

The Lebanese foreign ministry is conducting the necessary contacts with friendly nations and the Lebanese mission in Libya in order to evacuate the citizens who have been trapped in Libya after the eruption of anti-regime protests.

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Gadhafi Accuses Protesters of Bin Laden Links, Says U.S. May Use 'Qaida Alibi' to Intervene

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi on Thursday accused residents of Az-Zawiyah, a town west of the capital hit by fierce fighting between his forces and rebels, of being linked to Osama bin Laden, warning that the U.S. might intervene in Libya "under the alibi of combating al-Qaida."

In what was said to be a live audio feed on state television, Gadhafi also accused the protesters of being on drugs.

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Gadhafi Faces EU Sanctions Calls over 'Bloodbath'

Europe moved Wednesday to isolate Libya's Moammar Gadhafi, with France calling for sanctions and a freeze in financial relations while Italy accused the veteran strongman of perpetrating a bloodbath.

With hundreds killed in a week of raging protests, Europe has struggled with how to exercise leverage against Gadhafi, in power for more than 41 years and whose country provides Europe with a large slice of its energy needs.

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Libyan Fighter Jet Crashes near Benghazi as Pilot Rejects to Bomb City

A fighter pilot disobeyed orders on Wednesday to bomb the opposition stronghold of Benghazi and ditched his plane after he and his co-pilot ejected, a Libyan newspaper reported on its website.

The Russian-made Sukhoi 22 crashed near Ajdabiya, 160 kilometers west of the city which has fallen to anti-regime protesters, a military source said, quoted in Quryna newspaper.

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Libyan Unrest Weighs on Stocks, Oil up Further

The turmoil in Libya heaped further pressure on stocks around the world Wednesday as investors worry that the global economic recovery may be derailed by the sharp rise in oil prices and swelling inflation.

Concerns that the country is descending into civil war were heightened by comments Tuesday from longtime leader Moammar Gadhafi that he would fight to his "last drop of blood," while urging supporters to strike back against protesters to defend his embattled regime.

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