U.S. Official: Israeli Warplanes Strike Missiles Allegedly Destined for Hizbullah near Syria's Latakia

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Israeli warplanes have struck a military base near the Syrian city of Latakia, targeting missiles that might have been destined for Hizbullah, CNN quoted an Obama administration official as saying on Thursday.

An explosion at a missile storage site in the area was widely reported in the Israeli press, but an attack has not been confirmed by the Israeli government.

The target, according to the Obama administration official, was “missiles and related equipment the Israelis felt might be transferred to Hizbullah.”

The official declined to be identified because of the sensitive nature of the information.

Meanwhile, The Associated Press also quoted U.S. officials as saying that Israeli warplanes attacked a military target inside Syria.

An Obama administration official confirmed the attack happened overnight Thursday but provided no details.

Another security official said that the attack occurred in the port city of Latakia and that the target was Russian-made SA-125 missiles.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly discuss the attack.

Another U.S. official confirmed to Agence France Presse that "there was an Israeli strike" but gave no detail on the location or the target.

"Historically targets have been missiles transferred to Hizbullah," the official said.

Israeli government officials contacted by AFP refused to comment on the reports.

Lebanon's MTV quoted unnamed sources in Jerusalem as saying that Turkey was behind the Latakia attack, in revenge for the recent shooting down of a Turkish plane in the same area.

Earlier on Thursday, the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya television quoted unnamed sources as saying that two Israeli airstrikes had targeted Damascus and Latakia on Wednesday evening.

The raids totally destroyed shipments of SA-8 surface-to-air missiles destined for Hizbullah, the sources said.

Al-Arabiya also quoted sources from both the Syrian opposition and regime as saying that a Latakia air defense base was targeted Wednesday night by a rocket fired from the Mediterranean Sea.

Israel's Channel 2 said a missile fired from a warship targeted a Russian S-125 missile system that has recently arrived at the Latakia military base.

Also on Thursday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said a series of explosions struck an air base in Latakia, a regime stronghold.

"Several explosions were heard in an air defense base in the Snubar Jableh area" on Wednesday, said Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman.

He said the cause of the explosions is "unclear" and that no casualties have been reported.

A Syrian security source meanwhile told Agence France Presse that "a rocket fell near the base, causing a fire to break out."

In July, ammunition warehouses in the area were hit by rockets.

In May, Israel carried out two airstrikes inside Syria, and a senior Israeli official told AFP both targets were Iranian weapons destined for Hizbullah.

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Thumb shoo-yaba 31 October 2013, 21:59

Wait wait wait, he said he will respond to any future Israeli aggression... I am waiting.............................oops, nothin

Thumb shoo-yaba 02 November 2013, 01:16

I'm still waiting - keep the thumbs down coming :))

Thumb lebanon_first 31 October 2013, 22:03


Thumb Mystic 31 October 2013, 22:17

and when do you guys realize you are supporting Israel?

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 31 October 2013, 22:33

pleeease... the assads have been supporting israel for years... and if my enemy smacks my other enemy around a bit.. id still be happy.

Thumb Mystic 31 October 2013, 22:57

I'm disappointed in you Arzak. I thought you were Lebanese

Thumb Mystic 31 October 2013, 22:58

Have you seen what the so called "rebels" does to Christians in Syria?

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 01 November 2013, 08:28

I'm disappointed in you mystic. Have you seen what the so called regime did and does to Lebanese? What he did with the Christians? What he is doing with the Sunni? One is as bad as the next. But one screwed my country. The other is screwing his own.

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 31 October 2013, 22:35

a guy who said parliament was unconstitutional is the last one to be calling anyone an idiot.

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 31 October 2013, 22:37

hahahahahaha the joke of the decade... syria won? won what? oh im sorry.. israel did not annex the golan syria annexed Jerusalem.. hahaha sue the doctor.. he dropped you..

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 01 November 2013, 08:33

You talk to yourself.
Israel got a peace deal. On ITS terms. No wonder you guys think 2006 was a victory. If this is how you measure victories. Haha.

Thumb shab 31 October 2013, 23:34

Thank you. Now bomb Assad and Iran

Thumb cedre 31 October 2013, 23:37

it's not 40 u ignorant... Go and get some knowledge, also wash ur mouth before talkin...

Thumb cedre 31 October 2013, 23:40

report these SCUMBAGS

Missing peace 01 November 2013, 00:41

funny page here: when it suits their propaganda the pro assad always spit on CNN, al arabiya, AFP labeling them as sionist, paid propaganda....
here they give them credit and don't refer to the sources of this article!
usually they make fun of any report from al arabiya or CNN...

but here? funny no?

Thumb mr.black 01 November 2013, 02:45

Have you been to the South of Lebanon? How are you sure of this? The Qatari's did give a sizable donation to the Sinora gov't, but who is to say where that money went.
As for Mr. Nasrallah's organization. The money the received from Iran was quite sizable as well, and yes many of the higher ranking officials did keep alot of the money for themselves, they are corrupted no doubt about it.
But re-construction was mostly done by Iran, that you can be sure of.
My sources are real, unlike the sources of info you are getting.
Do you need me to get some relationship therapy for you and insideman? It seems you have alot to discuss with him.

Missing helicopter 01 November 2013, 03:06

I am sure those tunnels are all approved by the Lebanese Government and are controlled by the LAF. Iranian puppet.

Thumb Mystic 01 November 2013, 03:09

Tony Farris my beloved brother, please when we are finished in Syria taking out Al assad and all the minorities including Christians, please join us to cut off the heads off all the Christians in Lebanon :D

Missing helicopter 01 November 2013, 03:10

Israel would have given the South much sooner (and even Shabaa Farms) if the treaty approved by our Government in the 80's was not cancelled by the hegemony of Syria and its tentacles in Lebanon (HA being one of the main Syrian tentacles).

Thumb primesuspect 01 November 2013, 04:44

hizballa is pushing normal lebanese in the arms of izrael. clearly.

Thumb general_puppet 01 November 2013, 06:08

Wow... look at all those Patriotic Assad/Iranian cheerleaders go, don't fall over yourselves ladies :-)

I hope the Israelis blow up every stinking missile the Glorious militia is planing to smuggle into Lebanon. Let the Great Resisters Assad & Nasrallah fight the Israelis on Syrian soil for a change, instead of using Lebanon as their mail box.

Thumb primesuspect 01 November 2013, 06:22

4,5? i'd say 2,3 Maxxxxxxxxxxx!

Thumb primesuspect 01 November 2013, 06:27

who r u 2 juge other poeple?

Thumb general_puppet 01 November 2013, 06:43

mr.black, everyone knows Iran and Syria are the "lands of the free" ... fortunately Lebanon is blessed to have Nasrallah lurking underground enforcing freedom, Axis style. And if all goes as planned, someday Lebanon can become part of the "lands of the free" as a Syrian governorate or maybe even part of the Iranian Crescent... can anyone hope for more?

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 01 November 2013, 08:31

Sure. I didn't. Just saying they are one and the same.

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 01 November 2013, 08:34

Not when that Arab country bombed yours. Where is your shame?

Default-user-icon Dog eat dog (Guest) 01 November 2013, 10:31

@puppy : you're truly one of the most brainless person here. Those people who do actually stand for their beliefs and fight for their thoughts, stand up against Hezbollah and Assad, you either call zionists or terrorists. Most of those are freedom fighters which want nothing more than to live normal lives. Yet you're too stupid to see that!

The first line of resistance to Assad and Hezbollah are true patriots, Lebanese and Syrian who oppose state terrorism and oppression and hate Israel more than you fakesters who hide behind the illusion of a "resistance" to mask their crimes, murders and wars.

Shame on you for being brainless and totally blind!

Thumb dasphinx 01 November 2013, 12:30

"Assad" on the civilians, and lamb on Israel.

Thumb dasphinx 01 November 2013, 12:32

It is funny how most anti-Hezbollah comments get 25 dislikes yet most of the comments are anti-Hezbollah. They must be buying "dislike" votes.

Missing youssefhaddad 01 November 2013, 12:44

This proves that Israel can reach any point in Syria without any detection or prevention.

Missing peace 01 November 2013, 14:52

note that neither syrians nor israelis talked about this raid :) LOL

Missing bigjohn 01 November 2013, 17:46

The Syrian regime should be criticized for not resisting Israeli aggresion especially prior to the Syrian civil war. But, those who have surrendered to the Israeli interests and are collaborating with the American/Israeli hegemony are in no position to criticize. They deserve to be tried for treason.

Missing bigjohn 01 November 2013, 17:50

"Israel works hard 24/7 to maintain and preserve her security. Arabs work 24/7 to devise ways for killing and destroying each others"

I agree with you. But, it is the ARAB WORTHLESS REGIMES with the help of the west that need to be removed. That is not what the Arab people want....

Missing bigjohn 01 November 2013, 17:56

Are you saying that Israel prefers HA to M14 and their Gulf backers who NEVER fired a shot at the Israeli aggressors? HA has rockets that can destroy Israeli cities....what are M14 doing with their very wealthy Gulf countries backers who spend 100 times more on defense more than HA?

Missing bigjohn 01 November 2013, 17:59

Hezz DID NOT start the war in 2006. Israel started the war with their invasion. Prior to that there has been many cross border clashes. STOP USING Israeli propaganda.

Missing bigjohn 01 November 2013, 18:04

Hey Habibi, prior to Hariri assassination in 2005, you had posters by Almustaqbal were praising Assad? ThiS is called POLITICS...

Missing bigjohn 01 November 2013, 18:08

"This shows how "Democratic" M8 is and how we cannot let them conduct elections at all"

M14 NEVER got the majority of Lebanese votes and they will NEVER do until they reduce their anti Shiite sectarian rhetoric (since the Shiite are the largest sect) and weaken their alliance with KSA and Zionist America.

Missing bigjohn 01 November 2013, 18:19

"It seems March 8 Losers have created so many fake accounts to vote people down rather than "debate" against them"

Flamecatcher...I have been writing comments (on and off) here for the last 6 years. You have about about a dozen persons writing comments and most of them have more than one account. Until recently the majority of "likes" were going towards the anti M8 side. This does not at all represent the Lebanese people. Especially when you have zionists commenting.

Missing peace 01 November 2013, 18:22

"HA has rockets that can destroy Israeli cities...." LOL that is why he never used them in 2006... we are still waiting for the rockets to fall on haifa! LOL

and israel is happy to have hezbollah next door... it is good for their economy as it maintains lebanon weak LOL
think of it....

Missing bigjohn 01 November 2013, 20:21

I NEVER said that you were. I was pointing out the changing alliance, which you can not understand.

Missing bigjohn 01 November 2013, 20:23

Actionman No one denied what Qatar did after Israeli aggresion. As far as the rest, it does not deserve a reply.

Missing bigjohn 01 November 2013, 20:27

If you are a march 14 Christian then....you are nothing without the support of Mustaqbal and the KSA Wahabi state. I think you are one of those lebanese who have been living abroad for decades and still think they are living in the past.

Thumb liefighter 03 November 2013, 17:01

Christian M14s are the backbone of the cedar revolution, go hide with ur boss in some sewage. We respect KSA and emirates coz they are fighting Hezz the cancer.

Missing bigjohn 01 November 2013, 20:39

Where did you get this info? Are you aware that Fatah Islam TODAY are fighting against the Syrian regime in Syria? Who do you think are giving them money and weapons to kill members of the Assad regime?

Missing peace 01 November 2013, 21:28

so what? hezbi will never dare use them, just like in 2006 and the promise they made to launch rockets on haifa wa ba3d haifa! LOL he was very happy to jump on the ceasefire, remember? he accepted it straight away! funny for someone who promised to bomb!