Syria Slams March 14 'Accusations': Saniora, Hariri and Their Kings are Funding Terrorism

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Damascus on Friday rejected accusations by the March 14 camp that the Syrian regime and its allies were involved in the assassination of former minister Mohammed Shatah, describing the allegations as a “stupid and futile” attempt to cover up for “financing terrorism in Lebanon and the region.”

“Some figures in Lebanon always resort to the approach of launching accusations whenever a painful assassination happens in brotherly Lebanon,” Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zohbi said in a statement.

“These random and arbitrary accusations are based on political grudges that reflect the links of individuals such as (former premier Fouad) Saniora and others to the enemies of the nation and the enemies of moderation,” Zohbi added.

“These are desperate attempts to refute a verified and solid charge about Saniora's role in supporting and financing terrorism in Lebanon and the region, especially organizations such as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, al-Nusra Front and the Islamic Front,” the minister went on to say, accusing Saniora of “providing safe havens for their leaders and operations rooms, under the sponsorship of (ex-PM) Saad Hariri and his kings and princes.”

Zohbi noted that “launching accusations in this stupid, futile and premature manner proves that some forces in Lebanon are controlling the ground now and are the same parties that are practicing terrorism across the region.”

The minister said Syria wishes “security, welfare and peace” for the Lebanese people, calling “all the honorable people in Lebanon to stand in the face of terrorism, for which some political forces are providing a real cover.”

Zohbi stressed that “terrorism is the enemy of everyone and of all peoples in the world,” calling for “confronting it in a serious, firm manner, away from the absurd rhetoric of political accusations.”

Earlier on Friday, the March 14 forces condemned in a statement recited by Saniora the assassination of Shatah, saying that his murderer is “known to all Lebanese.”

“Shatah was killed at the hands of the same murderer who threatens us on a daily basis,” said the statement.

“The murderer, with its Lebanese allies, is targeting Beirut, Tripoli, and Sidon in Lebanon and Syria's Daraa, Aleppo, and Damascus,” it added.

Shatah -- a former finance minister and an adviser to both Saniora and Hariri -- was killed in a powerful explosion in the Starco area in central Beirut as he was heading to a March 14 meeting at the Center House.

Several people were killed and dozens others were also wounded in the attack.

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Missing allouchi 27 December 2013, 18:07

Sooner or later justice will prevail and the butcher Bachar and his cronies will be put on trial against humanity...

Thumb Mystic 28 December 2013, 08:02

@allouchi thats what you poor souls said 3 years ago, wont happend. Keep crying little bird.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 27 December 2013, 19:14

your day is coming you low life murderer!

Thumb FlameCatcher 27 December 2013, 20:18

1- The "fake resistance" does not have the monopoly of deciding who Lebanon's enemy is. Bashar's Syria is as much an enemy to most Lebanese as Israel

2- What do you achieve ? How about achieving sending a message : no government, no STL funding, no withdrawal of Hezbollah from Syria, no gathering of M14 will ever be safe. One less opponent to Hezbollah and Syria ...

Default-user-icon Derzi (Guest) 27 December 2013, 21:04

Theresistance, why are you making taqiyah? In shiaism, only those who accept Ali as wilaya and holy imam will have their soul rested, everyone else is kuffar.

Missing bigjohn 27 December 2013, 22:36

The Assassination of Shatah has to do with the conflict in Syria. Foreign elements (like the GCC, Syrian regime, Syrian opposition or Israel) believe that it is in their interest to extend the war in Syria to Lebanon. Lebanese of all sects and political persuasions have a strong cultural bond with the PEOPLE of the Syrian Arab Republic, and many (like myself) have relatives married to Syrians living in Syria. We Lebanese had a war for 15 years (from 75 to 90). During this time, the Syrians DID NOT go to war against each other because we Lebanese were killing each other. It is NOT in the interest of M8 including HA or M14 (except the Takfiris) to bring the Syrian war to Lebanon. KEEP IT IN SYRIA (before it is too late)

Missing zahle_nights9 27 December 2013, 23:21

Regime of muderers and liars... Your day is coming you and your master...

Missing minlibnan 27 December 2013, 23:24

F&@k you Syria!

Missing minlibnan 27 December 2013, 23:25

Our enemy is HA

Missing minlibnan 27 December 2013, 23:27

Our enemy is every lover of bashar. The regime that occupied our country for 30 years is the clear enemy. Those who do not realize that are lebanon's enemy.

Missing minlibnan 27 December 2013, 23:37

They are saints, just like ashraf al nas HA

Missing minlibnan 27 December 2013, 23:37

They are saints, just like ashraf al nas HA

Missing peace 28 December 2013, 01:04

what a twisted logic of a desperate regime...LOL

if M14 were financing terrorism then why would their allies bomb one of them?
if M14 were allied to israel as M8 pretends then why would israel kill AGAIN another ally?

poor regime...

Thumb cedre 28 December 2013, 01:48

funny how this assadist sounds exactly like ft and his cheerleaders missitk, southern, bigjohn, theresistance, ect...
Ca en dit long sur leurs valeurs et modeles...

Thumb freedomarch 28 December 2013, 02:53

Killing all the Brains .... against HizEbola... to be able to take control as it is doing right now.

Thumb mckinl 28 December 2013, 07:13

Shatar was a moderate ...

Ask this question:

Who is killing all the moderates or as they would call them: apostates?

Thumb Mystic 28 December 2013, 08:01

Lol Bashar is as worst enemy? I believe the worst enemy is you, and your takfiri backers. So if you keep talking like this FC there will definetely be a long going bloody civil war. Just waiting for it to happen, unfortunately you guys are pushing for it everyday.

Thumb Mystic 28 December 2013, 08:09

Syria the good friends of Lebanon.

Thumb thepatriot 28 December 2013, 10:28

Each time our little m8 friends here are cornered and embarrassed, they sing the same tune... they call us Tafkiris, Al-Quaeda, Heart Eaters, Zionists, or Wahhabis.... seriously now... find some arguments is ridiculous...

Thumb FlameCatcher 28 December 2013, 14:36

Yes @Mistake, Bashar is the worst enemy of Lebanese. People who side with him are traitors to Lebanon !

Your amnesia and ignorance of what he has done to our country shows you don't have a drop of patriotism and are like any other piece of scum trying to destroy Lebanon !