Ten Hizbullah Fighters Killed in Syria's Ongoing Battles

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Ten Hizbullah fighters have died in recent days while taking part in the ongoing Syrian war, most of whom were killed in an attack by the oppositions' fighters in the town of Rankous in Reef Damascus.

These reports were confirmed on websites affiliated with the Syrian opposition and with Hizbullah, which also revealed the fighters' identity and noted that while some of them were buried on Friday, others were laid to rest on Saturday.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights provided details on the battles that resulted in these deaths: “Regime forces, backed by Hizbullah fighters, clashed with opposition and Islamist gunmen in the neighborhood of Jobar in eastern Damascus as explosions were heard at the outskirts of the region. This was followed by regime forces bombing several areas in Jobar.”

"These clashes and the battles in Qalamoun and other areas in Reef Damascus resulted in the death of six Hizbullah fighters,” the Observatory said.

Meanwhile, opposition fighters launched an unexpected attack on regime and Hizbullah sites in Rankous between Damascus and the border with Lebanon, the Observatory added.

Hizbullah-affiliated websites said the killed fighters were Hussein Hassan Badran from Deir al-Zahrani region in the southern province of Nabatieh, Ali Hussein al-Hallani from al-Hallanieh town in the Bekaa, Raef Munif Dagher from the southern town of Bint Jbeil, Mahmoud Mohammed Fadel from the village of Qana also in the South, Zeid al-Moussawi and Amir Hamdani from the Bekaa's al-Nabi sheet, Hussein Shokr, Mahdi Fakhreddine from Younine in the Bekaa, Mohammed Abdullah Jouni from Haret Saida neighborhood in the southern city of Sidon, and Ibrahim Adel Hijazi from the South's Kafra.

Al-Jadeed television reported on Saturday afternoon that heavy gunfire was shot in the air in Haret Saida during the funeral of a Hizbullah fighter.

Hussein Hassan Badran, meanwhile, was laid to rest in Nabatieh also on Saturday.

Hizbullah had announced more than one year ago that its fighters are taking part in the ongoing war in neighboring Syria to defend the country against the Takfiri threat.


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Missing un520 14 June 2014, 18:29

...or rather trying the Malik tactics of oppressing the sunnis....sooner or later it will backfire in an ugly way...

Missing peace 14 June 2014, 18:48


Missing ArabDemocrat.com 14 June 2014, 19:26

These fighters are there to support one of the worst dictators in the world - one who is infinitely worse than Yazid.

Thumb theresistance4.0 14 June 2014, 20:23

Says the HEAD CHOPPING organ eating Wahhabi support Rafehh

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 15 June 2014, 02:04

theresistance4.0 - You talk nonsense. My posts here clearly show I am not even religious let alone fundamentalist and that I am a strong supporter of democratic and pluralistic form of governance. I was one of the first people to come out against Al-Qaeda and Dahesh http://muslimgazette.ca/columns-opinions/al-qaeda-a-blight-upon-the-people/ . So I do not need a lesson from a supporter of the Shiite Al Qaeda.

Thumb popeye 15 June 2014, 09:02

God Bless the FSA for terminating these terrorists.

Thumb geha 14 June 2014, 18:52

good riddance! more terrorists going off the face of this earth.

Missing abraham 14 June 2014, 19:13

I hope you say the same things when those Chechen and S.Arabian terrorists get killed

Thumb geha 15 June 2014, 04:53

I totally agree with pajama.boy!
hoping m8 will start doing the same.

Thumb skeletor 14 June 2014, 20:25

been busy today today. I am expecting a lot more this week, keep 'em coming.

Missing politik_buro 14 June 2014, 19:24

Shame on whoever is happy about this. Shame on you for wishing death to your brothers under any circumstances... These kids died because we don't have a country and we don't have a cause, only false causes.

Missing politik_buro 14 June 2014, 19:47

No mate they don't, as long as there are people wishing death upon them they don't, if we had a country they wouldn't be fighting for a false cause in a different country. We have failed as a nation brother. We have failed to aspire kids like those kids to be proud of their country, amd instead they are proud of their sect or religion, it is the only thing they can belong to. We have to wake up, we have to realise that these kids and other kids from other sects just want to belong, they are lost with no cause and no country

Missing people-power 14 June 2014, 20:36

Buro.... I find your comments misdirected.

Firstly, these are battlefield combatants. They are in a war to kill other people. They have likely killed others. They are in a foreign country, assisting a regime that has dropped barrel bombs on its own civilian populations, killing hundreds of thousands. Your crocodile tears for the deaths of ten while ignoring the deaths of hundreds of thousands is questionable at best.

Secondly, Lebanon is a country that was hijacked by the same people who now to this day don't follow its laws. The Assad regimes occupied Lebanon for 30 years, stole billions and murdered thousands. After Assad occupation, Lebanon is now occupied by a division of the Iranian Quds Force, also known as Hezballah. Who do you think killed Hariri, Gemayel, Tueni, Kassir, Hawi, Eido, Ghanem, Eid, al Hassan, Chatah and others? Who disobeyed Baabda Declaration and went to war in Syria? Who is following orders from Ayatollah instead of being loyal to Lebanon?

Missing people-power 14 June 2014, 20:38

Who do you blame for "kids" failing to aspire to be proud of their country?

Missing politik_buro 14 June 2014, 21:17

People power I respect what you said, and I agree with most of it, however this does not mean we should be happy that people are dying from any side, and should not be making fun of their mothers, as the same goes when the dying is on the other side. I'm asking people to be civilized that is all. And btw, I was not endorsing the Assad regime, surely not, I was just talking about Lebanese people dying on a foreign land for a FALSE cause if you read well. HA btw was not there 30 years ago, our problem started because of other reasons and there's no point going into them

Missing people-power 14 June 2014, 21:30

Thumbs up from me Buro

Missing coolmec 14 June 2014, 22:51

politik buro
I just wanted you to know that I fully agree with your comments and consider your posts as the voice of reason and moderation. I strongly share same views. Un fortunately you and I are the lone riders in a sea of hatred, disrespect and mutual blame.
Keep it up bro

Default-user-icon Tony (Guest) 14 June 2014, 22:55

Those who steal the lebanese right to chose a president of their own deserve a worse death. Nasrallah will join soon the fate of his predecessor Nasser.

Thumb cedre 14 June 2014, 23:36

buro, stop talking BS, those are real poor kids :



Thumb gaby 14 June 2014, 19:29

“War is where the young and stupid are tricked by the old and bitter into killing each other.”

-N. Bellic, GTA

Thumb scorpyonn 14 June 2014, 20:58

You got it. Gaby!

Thumb gaby 14 June 2014, 19:29

“War is where the young and stupid are tricked by the old and bitter into killing each other.”

-N. Bellic, GTA

Thumb sajad 14 June 2014, 19:36

"They say we have lost 1000 martyrs. And we reply to them by saying: we are all martyrs" - Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

Thumb skeletor 14 June 2014, 20:26

I am eager to meet you

Default-user-icon Karim (Guest) 14 June 2014, 19:47

1 way ticket to HELL
I pray that all your friends follow you soon

the world is a better place without these rats

Thumb jihadiduty 14 June 2014, 19:48

To paraphrase our great Learned sage flamethrower said earlier today "Khamenei, HASSAN Nasrallah and Bashar Assad: making widows out of smelly Lebanese Shiite women"



Thumb jihadiduty 14 June 2014, 19:55

FT as usual forgot to mention FT the widows that the Syrians created in other communities such as Maronite, Orthodox, Catholic, Sunni, Shiite, Druze...lak most of the Lebanese especially the Christians....


Thumb theresistance4.0 14 June 2014, 20:21

Their blood will not be in vain! THE REAL RESISTANCE AND TRUE WARRIORS! They are loved by all minorities of Syria and our TRUE Sunni brothers RIP to Ashruf Al Nas! LABAYKA YA HUSSEIN!

Thumb ice-man 14 June 2014, 20:39

@josephani4.0: I woke up this morning feeling sad, depressed, and uneasy. I did not know why: My life is great, my business is great, my loved ones are great, and I had no reason to feel that way. I just logged on and read the news about these warriors and suddenly all the pieces started to fit. How sad these young men were riddled with bullets and may have had their throats slit or heads chopped off. What did they do to deserve such a fate? what? Why is their so much hatred against HA, why? How will they watch the World Cup now, how? I am so saddened.... Josephani4.0: am I being too emotional here?

Thumb freedomarch 14 June 2014, 20:59

They have blood? Must be blue...Right, Provoke wars, hate, crimes and displaces people? No blood indeed.

Missing peace 14 June 2014, 23:05


Missing forces 14 June 2014, 23:12

Not be in vein? Wlek 3ayb 3alayk they died for no cause but for Nasrallah's propaganda. These young Lebanese could have been doctors lawyers engineers builders they could have made their mothers proud instead Nasrallah has brainwashed them into fighting assads war. Their is no martyrdom for those that go in search of it. It is those that promote peace and harmony that are the true martyrs. God bless our LAF.

Default-user-icon sayf (Guest) 15 June 2014, 03:05

Labayka .... That's what your mum said when she saw my shlong for the first time.

Thumb theresistance4.0 14 June 2014, 20:24

Says the Terrorist :)

Default-user-icon Sayf (Guest) 15 June 2014, 02:50

you sound upset? go and cut yourself and then crawl like a cockroach to karbala, it may help if you are sincere enough. While your at it, go a 4 year old kid, your khomeinie did it and made it halal. Sissy-stani made it makrooh LMFAO. Its not haram if you look after the baby he said. Oh and keep praying to 'The Great Satan", he is moving his warships to aid ur farsi brothers as we speak. Doesn't even hide it anymore!!!

Thumb smarty 16 June 2014, 02:54


Thumb scorpyonn 14 June 2014, 20:30

These men follow a leader who is a puppet of the bastards in Tehran and go like sheep to the slaughter. I am ashamed to call them Lebanese

Thumb theresistance4.0 14 June 2014, 20:36

And just is Saudi this time of year Scarpy

Missing politik_buro 14 June 2014, 20:31

Good luck with ever becoming a nation, until you get that religious bs and hatred out of your heads you will be stuck in the same place

Missing coolmec 14 June 2014, 22:54

politik buro
Right on mate
keep it up
May all the fallen kids rest in peace which ever side they are fighting and may their parents find comfort and peace of mind

Thumb ex-fpm 14 June 2014, 20:58

the more the merrier, they all need to meet the same fate. They went there for purely sectarian reasons and got what they deserved.

Thumb lebanon_first 14 June 2014, 21:18

RIP yes. Those poor misguided young men paid their blood in vain.

All this so that the geopolitical positioning of HA does not get weaker. And this is the only reason why HA is fighting in syria. To save its own ass/

Thumb Mystic 14 June 2014, 22:12

Bless their martyr souls, rest in peace warriors, Ameen.

Missing peace 14 June 2014, 23:00


Thumb freedomarch 14 June 2014, 23:02

Hope you join them soon to meet Skeletor and his army of boot kicking army. Enjoy the ride. 7aydar Yinta3ak.

Thumb freedomarch 14 June 2014, 23:03

Hope you join them soon to meet Skeletor and his boot kicking army. Enjoy the ride. 7aydar Yinta3ak.

Missing forces 14 June 2014, 23:17

There is no martyrdom for scum like ISIL that convert whole populations to their twisted view of Islam. Their is no martyrdom for those that go and seek it for Nasrallah's twisted view of regional politics or whatever propaganda he is feeding our young people brainwashing them to fight assads war.

Thumb Machia 14 June 2014, 22:30

Although I totally disagree with Hezbollah's fighting in Syria, those dead men are fellow citizens and I am sorry for the parents and loved ones who have lost them.

Thumb freedomarch 14 June 2014, 23:06

I had the same thought few years ago. Ater looking at few youtubes it seems that all seem the result of iranian mullas plan, includin ISIS and similar fractions. Same mother, same filth mitality.

Missing forces 14 June 2014, 23:01

It is sad when any Lebanese looses their life, it is sader still when they are sent to their death. I am neither with or against the Syrian rebels fighting Assad, I am also neither with or against the Assad regime. Frankly I could care less if they both wipe themselves off the face of the planet.

Missing forces 14 June 2014, 23:02

What I do care about however is the prosperity of my beloved lebanon and the protection of its citizens. And protection starts at home not abroad. We have had our war where clearly no one was victorious we have had our share of funerals and killings in the name of this politican or that. This is nothing new, neither is the propaganda that HA feeds our Shiaa sons and daughters to go and do gods will in a foreign country. There is no martyrdom for aggressors regardless of the propaganda. Their is no honor in following a politican and allowing yourself to die for his cause. We have our protectors the LAF. we have our cause LEBANON it's a shame HA prey on the poor uneducated and under privilidged to recruit new lambs for the slaughter.

Thumb Machia 15 June 2014, 08:58

Well said forces!

Thumb cedre 14 June 2014, 23:26

baklawa for everybody !!! What a great news !!! Congratulations for Lebanon !!! Dix idiots de moins c'est toujours ca de pris...
May these drug dealers and car thiefs all come back in bodybags headless, that's all what these khomeynists deserve for killing syrian civilians.

Thumb FlameCatcher 15 June 2014, 00:25

Another 10 unnecessary Lebanese youth that died to protect a dictator. What a utterly stupid waste for Lebanon.

They died for nothing. They are not martyrs. They are idiots who fought for lies !

Thumb scorpyonn 15 June 2014, 02:32

You could not have put it better, Flamecatcher!

Missing dubailebanese 15 June 2014, 01:08

Wolf, i have read your comments on this site and honestly if these are the manners that your mother taught you then shame on her. (I bring in mothers since you brought in cedres mother). How is lebanon ever going to become a proud nation when we have people like you around? Cedre is lebanese, m14 is lebanese and most of the pople commenting on naharnet are lebanese, get that thrue your head. There are even hardcore FPM supporters that hate HA. If you can celebrate when Syrians die under the disguise that they were FSA (even women and children) then surely others have the right to celebrate when actual HA criminals are killed.

Thumb cedre 15 June 2014, 05:31

dont mind him, i dont even read doggie...

Default-user-icon Tchadd (Guest) 15 June 2014, 02:02

Repeat what ure master Quasem said like puppets , u brainwashed stupid shiia..

Thumb smarty 15 June 2014, 02:33



Default-user-icon Sayf (Guest) 15 June 2014, 02:55

Are you Canine or a khanzeer? It don't matter they are both najas which fits you nicely. Why do you curse the Creator for creating someone, good or bad? Wolf you are so tough that you make my liver quiver every time I read your messages. You talk just like Assad's soldiers when they are torturing men, woman and children. Very honourable. May Allah give you and your boyfriends from the resistance a long life ya Rabb!!!Btw pls don't reply I am not interested in a dialogue with you ya kalb

Thumb scorpyonn 15 June 2014, 06:30

Can you imagine that people still believe that bunk about virgins and Holy Wars?

Missing abraham 15 June 2014, 07:09

Hey pajama boy
I don't give a shit who dies and who doesn't die,
but you and your cohorts are bunch of comedians.
The whole Arab world is going nuts
while the enemy Isreal , without wasting 1 bullet is enjoying a comfy life for the next 50 years.
you guys are bunch of morons

Thumb freedomarch 15 June 2014, 07:51

Hey Skeletor!!! One more here .. "abraham" don't care if you give him a visit ... he can't stand living in his world any more!! It is going nuts!!!

Default-user-icon mustapha o. ghalayini (Guest) 15 June 2014, 14:59

who is protecting whom????????????????
wilayat el faqih or lebanese shia?

Thumb shab 15 June 2014, 17:42

All the above + filthy murdering militia