Reports: Army Detains Wife of al-Baghdadi, Family of Nusra Official

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Army Intelligence has reportedly detained a wife of Islamic State chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the family members of an al-Nusra Front official who has links to the August abduction of several Lebanese troops and policemen from the town of Arsal.

According to As Safir newspaper published on Tuesday, the Army Intelligence in cooperation with foreign intelligence agencies detained one of al-Baghdadi's wives at a border crossing.

She was reportedly using fake identification papers and accompanied by one of her sons.

The security agencies transported her to the defense ministry's headquarters in Yarze for further investigations.

"Military intelligence detained one of his wives, who was traveling with their son, near (Lebanese northeastern border town) Arsal 10 days ago," a security source told Agence France Presse.

A military source confirmed the arrest and said the woman was a Syrian national, and her son was around eight years old.

However, several TV networks reported Tuesday evening that the wife and her daughter were arrested at the army's al-Madfoun checkpoint in the northern district of Batroun “after she raised suspicions.”

The wife was identified as Iraqi national Saja Hamid al-Dulaimi. She was included in the swap deal of the Maaloula nuns.

Media reports said Dulaimi was residing in the northern Dinniyeh district and moving between Dinniyeh, Chtaura and Arsal.

It is unclear how many wives the IS leader has.

The Islamic State group released in November a defiant audio recording it said was of chief al-Baghdadi, after air strikes on jihadist leaders in Iraq sparked rumors he had been wounded or killed.

IS spearheaded a militant offensive in June that overran Iraq’s second city Mosul and then swept through much of the country’s Sunni Arab heartland, adding chunks of a second country to territory it already held in Syria.

It has carried out atrocities in both countries.

Separately, state-run National News Agency said the Army Intelligence “arrested the wife of al-Nusra Front official Anas Sharkas, aka Abu Ali al-Shishani, along with her brother Rakan in the Zgharta area of Hilan” in northern Lebanon.

MTV said Sharkas' father had been arrested several days ago in Lebanon as LBCI TV said the militant's name was mentioned in the confessions of detained extremist leader Imad Jomaa.

LBCI noted that Sharkas “has links to the case of the captive servicemen.”

Jomaa's early August arrest in Arsal sparked deadly clashes with the Lebanese army, during which 20 troops and 16 civilians were killed.

The militants also kidnapped 35 troops and policemen before they eventually released seven and executed three.


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Default-user-icon puppeteer (Guest) 02 December 2014, 08:10

I respect baghdadi and nasrallah equally

Thumb _mowaten_ 02 December 2014, 13:14

can't be. you hate nasrallah for humiliating israel, and you love baghdaddy for doing your zionists' dirty work.

Thumb Elemental 02 December 2014, 19:43

The way you think is very entertaining.

Thumb megahabib 02 December 2014, 09:24

One wife out of how many? These animals don't care about women.

Thumb _mowaten_ 02 December 2014, 13:22

naharnet's moderator didnt like me saying a child shouldn't be harmed, but bag-daddy's pup could be exchanged for our kidnapped servicemen. i wonder what it is he hates more, children or our servicemen?

Missing humble 02 December 2014, 10:16

The Army? Which Army?

Missing humble 02 December 2014, 11:44

Idiot remark...the article doesn't state which could be the Iraqi Army...but you know everything....or you think you know everything.

Thumb Machia 02 December 2014, 11:53

Baghdadi is an extremist and he wouldn't mind sacrificing his kin for his delusional "cause", the same way Nasrallah, the other extremist, sacrificed all the Lebanese, including his son, Rafic Hariri and the other Lebanese that his party killed, for his.
Meanwhile, Khamanei's son is counting his billions...

Thumb cash.puppet 02 December 2014, 12:30

Machia hows the weather in tel aviv these days? Sorry your mans wife got caught

Thumb Elemental 02 December 2014, 19:58

Hi Flamethrower :)

Thumb -phoenix1 02 December 2014, 12:09

God bless our army, netting such a catch must yield loads of info on the world's most notorious terrorist. Our army intelligence must juice every single drop of info she knows of Baghdadi, who is after all a Jew from both Jewish parents, trained by both the CIA, the Mossad, the Saudis and other fools who now know that this genie was best left locked in the bottle. I would show no sympathy for her since she knew well that she was marrying a gruesome and ruthless murderer. Good work LAF, proud of you.

Thumb cash.puppet 02 December 2014, 12:29

Was that sarcasm about the Jewish/CIA/mossad oart? Haha, i cant tell.

Thumb -phoenix1 02 December 2014, 12:44

No FD, it isn't sarcasm of any kind, as much as there are people who will deny such a claim, at the same time evidence of Al Baghdadi's supposed Jewish ancestry remains persistent. Any, the crux of my opinion remains a happy moment, that our army is doing a great job and hopes that one day soon, Al Baghdadi will be caught, dead, alive, grilled, burnt, I care less.

Thumb cash.puppet 02 December 2014, 14:27

Im glad you feel this way phoenix. Doesnt that muddy the waters a bit since m14 leaders are backed and allied with US/Saudi? Same people funding ISIS?

Thumb cash.puppet 02 December 2014, 22:11

If i want to know the israeli consensus view ill ask you m11er, until then buzz off

Thumb Machia 02 December 2014, 17:46

Whether Baghdadi is originally Buddhist, Jewish or Christian is not important. What is important is the fact that he is the leader of an organisation that is slaughtering innocents just because they are Christians, Shiites, Sunnis but not to his liking, Yazidis, etc.
He is a terrorist. How did ISIL get that strong, that fast well I support your accusation Phoenix. They obviously came to Syria and Iraq through Turkey, a NATO ally, and were armed through it too.
Therefore, it is obvious that Saudi, Qatar and NATO knew what was going on.
Anyhow, the result is the creation of ISIL, an organization, scarier than Hezbollah and Iran and Assad.
The other result is that you have NATO bombing Syria and Iraq, giving it a say in their future affairs. You have Iran scrambling to do a direct deal with the US and you have the Islamic world rejecting extremism, wahabism and hopefully one day khomeinism.

Thumb zahle1 02 December 2014, 20:46

Well said I am on the same page as you.

Default-user-icon roukuz (Guest) 02 December 2014, 13:33

RIP flamethrower

Thumb the_roar 02 December 2014, 14:09

New word,iceman? you moved from "houthi" to "RIP" ..

all the same well done iceman, your dedication to changing names & following posters is unmatched....

Default-user-icon asd (Guest) 02 December 2014, 14:09

la2ato Baghmami w Baghsoni

Thumb kanaandian 02 December 2014, 14:49

i always thought he was a pedophile

Thumb Elemental 03 December 2014, 01:51

Nice to see your accounts are coming along nicely.

Thumb eli-g 02 December 2014, 15:28

I wonder what foreign intelligence directed this.

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 02 December 2014, 16:36

god bless our army no wonder some so called Lebanese are against our LAF

Thumb _mowaten_ 02 December 2014, 17:11

if he wanted to be president like this he would have accepted saudi arabia's proposal long ago. they offered to make him king if he'd lick their feet, but aoun is not geagea.

Thumb zahle1 02 December 2014, 20:44

"It is unclear how many wives the ISIS leader has." Its amazing we are part of the "Levant" and live amongst people that believe in this.

Thumb nickjames 02 December 2014, 22:54

It is unclear how many wives the IS leader has.

That's all that needs to be said.

Default-user-icon Bagdaddysdaddy (Guest) 03 December 2014, 00:32

Methinks that the very fact that a guy like that can get a wife or even keep one of his rape victims alive is a minor miracle

Thumb Elemental 03 December 2014, 01:51

I see some foreign implants disagree and don't support the Army solely, shame on them. Hope you're enjoying your time fake account dude [you know who you are ;)]