Haley Urges Security Council to Consider Hizbullah a 'Destructive Terrorist Force'


U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has urged the U.N. Security Council to consider Hizbullah "a destructive terrorist force" and "a major obstacle to peace" that is "dedicated to the destruction of Israel."

She said the council must get serious about enforcing its resolutions that involve Hizbullah and its backer Iran, including many calling on the armed group to disarm.

Haley said the U.N. peacekeeping force in Lebanon, UNIFIL, must also do "much more" to help prevent another conflict, starting by acknowledging "illegal weapons that Hizbullah parades in front of the media."

She also warned that the alleged dangers Hizbullah poses "are getting larger, not smaller."

"The American people sympathize with the challenges facing the Lebanese people," Haley added.

"We will continue to support them as they combat ISIS and host over a million Syrian refugees," she said.

U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday accused Iran and Hizbullah, which the United States considers a "foreign terrorist organization," of fueling the humanitarian disaster in Syria.

"Hizbullah is a menace to the Lebanese state, the Lebanese people and the entire region," he said.

"The group continues to increase its military arsenal which threatens to start yet another conflict with Israel," Trump said. "With the support of Iran, the organization is also fueling humanitarian catastrophe in Syria," he added.

Hizbulah's "true interests are those of itself and its sponsor, Iran," Trump went on to say.

Trump demurred when asked to comment on possible additional sanctions against Hizbullah.

"I'll be making my position very clear over the next 24 hours," he said. "I have meetings with some of my very expert military representatives and others, so I'll be making that decision very shortly."

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Thumb tric.portugal 26 July 2017, 16:01

yes...a destrutive force against the Daesh!!! the Daesh send a S.O.S. to USA for helping in Arsal...

Thumb galaxy 26 July 2017, 17:36

did you intercept their S.O.S and were able to decode it considering you are illiterate?

Thumb tric.portugal 26 July 2017, 18:46

yes...Hariri go to Washington to ask support for the vision of Tripoli to Lebanon...Hariri and the Jewish Trump son of Law agree with that vision...

Thumb Elemental 26 July 2017, 20:51

Very "Cristhian" of you tric.iran, such a joke...

Thumb tric.portugal 26 July 2017, 16:02

USA is dedicated to the destrution of cristhianity in Levant, the next step is Lebanon

Thumb galaxy 26 July 2017, 17:33

Chris are you Christian?

Thumb Elemental 26 July 2017, 20:52

If he is, he's a sellout. Next question, does he take Visa or Mastercard?

Thumb galaxy 26 July 2017, 17:35

and you, yes you are a european from Scandinavia with blonde hair and blue eyes who is secular atheist but only appears on articles to defend a shia criminal militia. Trust me your credibility is at an all time high.

Thumb justin 26 July 2017, 17:50


Thumb lubnani.masi7i 26 July 2017, 18:44

Interesting to note those defending the iranian militias are a fake 'Christian' from Portugal, a fake 'Christian' from Scandinavia, and a fake 'Christian' from the USA calling for depriving the Lebanese Christians of their hard fought rights.

Thumb ashtah 26 July 2017, 19:55

have you ever heard of taqiah? it is at the core of their religion.

Thumb Elemental 26 July 2017, 20:52

But they want us to ignore that little fact.

Thumb s.o.s 26 July 2017, 21:41

Taqiyyism and Kutmannism! They're fake and devil worshippers.

Thumb shab 26 July 2017, 21:40

Hizbullah is a menace to the Lebanese state, the Lebanese people and the entire region!

So true

Thumb gigahabib 28 July 2017, 10:36

Lol, of course it's destructive, but only against Israel and Wahhabists.