Larijani from Beirut: Some Forces Seeking to Destabilize Lebanon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Iran's parliament speaker Ali Larijani on Friday noted that “Lebanese leaders enjoy the sufficient capability to resolve their problems," adding that "some forces want to destabilize Lebanon but do not have the ability to do so."

Larijani was in Beirut as part of a regional tour aimed at finding ways to resolve the crisis in Syria, media reports said.

“We will always defend the resistance of the heroic Palestinian people and heroic Lebanese people,” he said at a press conference he held in Beirut.

“If the Lebanese people are holding their heads up high, that is because of the 2006 victory and the Palestinian people are also reaping the fruits of the 2008 victory,” Larijani added.

Asked about the crisis in neighboring Syria, Larijani said: “You know Iran's stances on the Syrian crisis and we have always supported the issue of building democracy in the region.”

He warned that “the others want to impose democracy through the force of weapons in Syria and this approach will only lead to perdition and destruction.”

“The greatest injustice against the Syrians is to arm the people,” he noted.

“No party must put preconditions for resolving the Syrian crisis and we support any mechanism to achieve democracy,” the Iranian official went on to say.

Larijani's first stop was Damascus where he said he would “seek to find a solution to the Syrian crisis.” He held talks there with President Bashar Assad.

Commenting upon his arrival at the Rafik Hariri International Airport on the recent ceasefire in Gaza, he said: “The case of Gaza is very important and the ceasefire represents a major victory for the brave Palestinian people.”

“This victory belongs to all sides and it has become clear that the Lebanese and Palestinian resistances are still strong against the barbaric Zionist occupation,” Larijani remarked.

He added: “We thought it necessary to hold consultations with our Lebanese brothers in light of the recent regional developments.”

The Iranian official then held talks with Speaker Nabih Berri at Ain el-Tineh on current regional developments.

Larijani will conclude his visit to Lebanon on Saturday before heading to Turkey, the final stop of his regional tour.

Before leaving to Damascus, Larijani told reporters in Tehran that the Iranian authorities “support democracy and reform in Syria but reject any reckless action.”

An uprising against Assad began as pro-reform protests inspired by the Arab Spring in March 2011 but transformed into an armed insurgency after the government began brutally crushing demonstrations.

Iran warned Western governments on Sunday against arming the rebels after France said it would consult its European partners on easing an embargo to clear the way for deliveries of "defensive" weapons.

The Syrian opposition accuses Iran of providing military support to Assad's regime, a charge it denies.

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Thumb benzona 23 November 2012, 10:44

He should worry bout his own county which is about to get hit by some international coalition.

Missing mohammad_ca 23 November 2012, 17:52

I thought Lebanon was staying out of the Syrian crisis, why is this guy here?

Default-user-icon accountability (Guest) 23 November 2012, 18:00

Dear Mohammad, this guy is here to instruct hassoun/hizb on what 's next...iran thinks/acts as if they owned Lebanon...They will not go home, unless WE FORCE THEM TO! Mark my words...

Thumb Elemental 23 November 2012, 10:52

He came to check on the ayatollah's minions, routine.

Thumb geha 23 November 2012, 11:04

you not welcome in Lebanon. go home and never come back.

Thumb Elemental 23 November 2012, 11:44

Neither of them are welcome.

Missing realist 23 November 2012, 23:14

Lol, feltman also meets with berri. We both know itis a sectarian war for influence, bala israel bala bateekh, the US took out saddam and gave you iraq, and now maliki who came on US tanks is a muqawim, mumani3 etc. for once say things as they are and quit distributing certificates in patriotism: southern lebanese threw rice on israeli tanks in 82, they were happy to get rid of suni PLO, there is no wataniye, there sectarianyee and assasinations/terrorism to obtain power. Iran took weapons from israel to fight saddam (read iran gate). Fayez karam released from jail after 1 lousy year, alhassan, who helped catch israeli spies got killed instead of being rewarded, he was a suni obstacle in the fac of she3a domination of leb, soon the tide will turn and sunis supported by the new reality in syria will shoot back, possibly also using terrorist tactics like hizbustan

Missing realist 23 November 2012, 23:19

I just hope we can make peace, no one can control leb forever and we need to share, sadly it is a bit too late and the policies/bets of hizbustan will backfire. Nasrala was wrong in his predictions that syria wont leave leb in 2003, wrong about the consequences in 2006 (law kuntu a3lam), wrong in predicting electoral victory in 2009, but the worse predictions of all is that bashar/syrian regime will not fall and acting accordingly, that by far is the worse one of all, im sure even you by now is starting tobe onvinced that bashar became irrelevant. He is human and he errs, you have to rethink mowaten thats all.

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 23 November 2012, 12:01

larijani is coming to check on the lebanese farsi finger after cutting the gaza finger.

Missing peace 23 November 2012, 13:13

coming to give iranian orders....

Thumb benzona 23 November 2012, 17:09

Wonder what's in his diplomatic suitcase. Probably more C4 to blow some M14 MPs.

Missing gabby9 23 November 2012, 16:57

Hey Larijani....I could have saved you the trouble. Your guy just lost the north, and now all of the east in the country. He is collapsing and you are screwed. Now go home.

Missing gabby9 23 November 2012, 17:02

Hey Larijani....I could have saved you the trouble. Your guy just lost the north, and now all of the east in the country. He is collapsing and you are screwed. Now go home.

Missing helicopter 23 November 2012, 19:32

You are welcome as a public official, but please spare us the B.S. of divine victory and save the stoking of divisive emotions we do not need you or it ...... we wish your country secular democracy so your people can enjoy life.

Thumb shab 23 November 2012, 23:18

Oh we know already. The Majous are

Default-user-icon Hammer Head (Guest) 24 November 2012, 06:44

After the Syrian opposition united under one banner, Iran is in panic.
2008 divine victory my foot!

Default-user-icon Hammer Head (Guest) 24 November 2012, 06:52

If you call HA's aid to Israel in securing its Northern border with Lebanon a Divine Victory than you are most probably working for Israel.
Cut the bullshit propaganda and examine reality on the ground, HA is safeguarding the Israeli State. After Iran gate I am not surprised.