Meqdad: FSA Will Negotiate Several Suggestions to Release Kidnapped Pilgrims

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Free Syrian Army announced on Thursday that it has several suggestions for the kidnappers of Lebanese pilgrims in Syria's Aazaz and these will be discussed during their talks in the coming few hours.

“We have decided to resume our mediation in the pilgrims' case after (former Prime Minister) Saad Hariri insisted we do so,” the FSA's Political and Media Coordinator Louay Meqdad said, adding that a delegation of FSA officers will meet with the abductors in Aazaz soon.

He remarked: “We will refrain from giving an exact date and time for the meeting because we fear (Syrian President Bashar) Assad will bomb the location as he had done before”

Meqdad also stressed that Turkey is working towards facilitating the release of the Lebanese men, noting that its efforts will not include any military operation.

The FSA man had announced in December 2012 that he will stop mediating for the release of the Lebanese pilgrims kidnapped in Aazaz, explaining that the army's commanders' efforts are being interrupted by a “partner” each time they get closer to a solution.

On May 22, eleven Lebanese pilgrims were kidnapped in Syria's Aleppo district as they were making their way back by land from a pilgrimage in Iran.

One was released in late August and another in September, while the rest remain in Aazaz, Syria.

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Default-user-icon Gabby (Guest) 18 January 2013, 02:33

Suggestion number 1: Make Hizbcocaine admit they are killing Syrians and apologize for for arming only a "certain group" in Syria. Make it come from nassy's filthy mouth.