Moscow to Send Planes to Beirut to Evacuate Russians from Syria

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Russian government said on Monday that it will send two planes to Lebanon to evacuate Russian citizen from war-torn Syria, the first such effort since the uprising against Syrian President Bashar Assad began in March 2011.

The Emergency Situations Ministry said two of its planes will fly to Beirut on Tuesday to carry more than 100 Russians from Syria.

The announcement appears to reflect Moscow's growing concerns about the safety of its citizens in Syria.

Russia's Foreign Ministry has said that it has contingency plans in place to evacuate thousands of Russians from Syria.

Russia has been the main ally of Assad since the start of the conflict, using its veto power at the United Nations Security Council to shield the Syrian leader from sanctions.

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Thumb geha 21 January 2013, 20:24

why two planes to evacuate 100 people?
100 people fit in one plane! these planes are bringing in more destruction equipment to hizbushaitan.

Thumb chrisrushlau 21 January 2013, 20:55

If Hezbullah loses foreign military support, the only hope of Shiites, who are the majority of Lebanese people, will be in civil rights, via the overturning of the Taef Accord's grant of super-human privilege to Christians.

Missing 21 January 2013, 21:28

One person one vote is best solution. However, the taef agreement provides a roadmap for this - if ever implemented. Shia may be the largest community in lebanon but they are not majority.

Missing 22 January 2013, 03:51

That may have been the truth when Shia suffered at the hand of feudal lords in the 60s and 70s. That is no longer the reality where many of our best and brightest are Shiite. So let us move away from these falacies to justify this sense of entitlement and superiority by some Lebanese over others.

Missing 21 January 2013, 21:29

"Moscow to Send Planes to Beirut to Evacuate Russians from Syria" - another proof that Assad is winning the war.

Thumb lebanon_first 21 January 2013, 21:55

why is this news?

Thumb lebnanfirst 21 January 2013, 22:11

Because it hi-lights the loss of confidence the Kremlin is feeling towards Assad and his regime. It may also be a precursor of slowly lifting their protection for him by removing their people from Syria to deny him a "hostage" opportunity which they know he would not hesitate to use if available.

Default-user-icon Gabby (Guest) 22 January 2013, 01:17

Why not fly in to Damascus? Aoun and Nassy and all of M8 say ASSad is winning and will stand. Oh wait Damascus is encircled and his mother got out. Looks like he is winning. Looks like Russia is doubting things too.