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Philippine Priest Warns On Card Games at Funerals

A Philippine priest has threatened to deny burial rights in cases where mourners at funerals are caught gambling, a tradition exploited by gaming syndicates who mount "fake" wakes.

Father Valentine Dimoc of the Saint Mary Magdalene Parish said authorities in the northern town of Lagawe had already passed an ordinance banning gambling at funeral wakes, but local officials and police were failing to enforce it.

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Horse Semen on the Menu at N.Z. Food Festival

Long renowned for pioneering extreme sports such as bungee-jumping and heli-skiing, New Zealanders are now pushing culinary boundaries by serving up shots of horse semen to iron-stomached food lovers.

The equine delicacy will be on the menu at the annual Wildfoods Festival in the South Island town of Hokitika next month, along with other gastronomic delights such as raw scorpions, chocolate-covered beetles and deep-fried grubs.

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Ancient Britons Drank From Skulls

Ancient Britons used scooped-out human skulls as drinking cups in a mysterious ritual that also involved eating some of the flesh inside, scientists said Thursday.

The 14,700-year-old skulls, belonging to two adults and a child aged about three, were found in a cave in Cheddar Gorge, southwest England, the Natural History Museum in London said.

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Russia Arrests Tajik with '800 Grams of Heroin in Stomach'

A Tajik national has been arrested in a Russian airport with 800 grams of heroin that he was transporting in his stomach, the customs service for Saint Petersburg region said Wednesday.

"A 20-year-old Tajik who arrived from Dushanbe was detained in Pulkovo airport. Doctors found 84 capsules containing 800 grams of heroin in his stomach," a spokesman for the northwestern customs office told Agence France Presse.

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Was Coke's Secret Recipe Revealed by US Radio Show?

An edgy public radio show has revealed what it purports to be the secret recipe for Coca Cola -- a formula which has become the stuff of legend after decades of careful marketing by one of the world's most recognizable brands.

The recipe is supposedly kept in a locked vault, and Coke at one point had an advertising campaign about the two top executives who knew the secret and couldn't fly on the same plane or the formula could be lost forever.

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32 Hour 'Kissathon' Claims New World Record

Seven amorous but exhausted couples smooched their way to a new world record in Thailand on Monday with the longest continuous kiss lasting more than 32 hours -- and kept going.

The contestants broke the previous world record of 32 hours seven minutes and 14 seconds set in Germany and were vying to become the last ones locking lips for a prize of about $3,250 cash and a diamond ring, organizers said.

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Germany's cross-eyed opossum to pick Oscar winners

Heidi, Germany's beloved cross-eyed opossum, is taking a page from Paul the Octopus' playbook: the marsupial will attempt to pick this year's Oscar winners.

Leipzig Zoo Director Joerg Junghold told Germany's RTL television on Friday that Heidi will be appearing on the "Jimmy Kimmel Show" alongside the Oscars on Feb. 27.

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S. Africa Airline to Offer Cows for UK Royal Wedding

South African discount airline said on Sunday it wants to give Kate Middleton's family a gift of cows ahead of her nuptials with Prince William, following the African tradition of "lobola".

"Wills has been a big fan of South Africa and we're big fans of him and his bride-to-be. With all there is to arrange (not to mention all that polo to play) he probably hasn't considered fully the benefits of the lobola tradition," spokeswoman Nadine Damen said in a statement.

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French "Leashed" Couple Arrested at Shops

French police said Thursday they arrested a 63-year-old woman who was leading her 40-year-old companion along a busy shopping street by a leash attached to his exposed penis.

The couple were detained Wednesday afternoon in the southwestern city of Carcassonne and were due to appear in court in April on charges of public indecency.

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Young Women Find Dogs Sexier than Smartphones

The bad news for geeks was released Thursday in a study aimed at finding out whether gadgets make people more attractive as love interests.

While about half of men surveyed in the "Gadgetology" study thought seeing someone using a hip Smartphone was attractive, only 36 percent of women shared that sentiment.

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