Rouhani Accuses Riyadh of Providing Arms to 'Terrorists' in Lebanon


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani accused Saudi Arabia on Saturday of providing weapons and funding to terrorist groups in the Middle East, including Lebanon.

"What does providing financial assistance and weapons to terrorists in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq mean?" Rouhani asked.

Iran is supporting Syrian President Bashar Assad, Hizbullah and the Iraqi government in its fight against Sunni extremists, including the Islamic State group and al-Nusra Front.

Tehran says Saudi Arabia and several other Middle East governments support the IS.

Addressing an army parade in Tehran, in a speech broadcast live on state TV Rouhani also warned that the Saudi royal family in Riyadh will harvest the hatred it is sowing in Yemen through its airstrike campaign.

Since March 26, the Saudi-led coalition has been attacking Shiite rebels known as Huthis and allied fighters loyal to Yemen's ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Iran supports the rebels but denies providing any military support.

Rouhani said killing civilians in Yemen will bring neither power nor pride for Saudi Arabia.

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Thumb ashtah 18 April 2015, 16:50

Everything is fake and full of lies about this man, from his degree to his accusations. It suits his intended audience well.

Missing mohammad_ca 18 April 2015, 18:30

he fails to acknowledge giving arms to hizbollaat terrorists and shabiha terrorists in Lebanon and Syria and of course Houthi terrorists of Yemen.

Missing peace 18 April 2015, 18:58

i love your binary thinking: typical of an empty brain....

Missing 18 April 2015, 21:40

"Rouhani Accuses Riyadh of Providing Arms to 'Terrorists' in Lebanon"
- KSA provides arms to the Lebanese Army and security forces through agreement with the Lebanese government
- Iran provides arms to a terrorist organization that violate the law, drags the country into wars, invade the capital, terrorize its opponents, openly threaten violence, involved in murder,

Missing 19 April 2015, 00:57

FT - your hypocrisy knows no limits. The one that enabled ISIS is the Hizb and the Assad regime. The Hizb may fight ISIS and occasionally Israel but its main task is to control Lebanon for the benefit of Iran and to bolster ASSad. Are you so blind to not notice that having a militia that is answerable to a foreign power and that effectively control the country is detrimental to the national interest.

Missing mohammad_ca 19 April 2015, 02:57

Peaceful protesters are not terrorists. The biggest terrorist in Syria with the most victims is the ASSad regime with hizbollat's terrorist backing. The international community has already established this.

Thumb eagledawn 18 April 2015, 18:53

speaking of freedom of press, flamethrower is one of their greatest advocates of the Freedom of Press.

i will distribute baklawa on the day saudi-owned, zionist-loving, isis-humping MTV is shut down again."

Missing peace 18 April 2015, 19:00

M8 support of freedom of the press: they burn down a TV station in 2008...
M8 support of human rights: killing civilians with barrel bombs by bashar is collateral damage and halal...

Missing 18 April 2015, 21:54

No FT - They do not have freedom of press. Neither does Iran. On the other hand, they are involved with the fight against ISIS and Al-Qaeda and in Lebanon support the legal instrument of the government while Iran support a rogue militia that terrorizes the country, drags the country into wars, violates the constitutions, invade the capital, threaten its opponents, kills its opponents, have zero respect for the judicial system .... What do you criticize KSA for? Going through the legal system in Lebanon and filing a lawsuit!!!!!!! The Hezb and its supporters simply burn their opponent stations, terrorize its workers and kill them !!!

Missing 19 April 2015, 00:59

FT - your problem is that you are biased to extreme. There are many things wrong with the system in KSA and Iran. The difference is that KSA helps Lebanon. Iran helps its militia. The Hizb and company ran Lebanon for several years. Why did they not accept Iranian weapons?

Thumb geha 18 April 2015, 17:42

the dice have been thrown: civil war is at the door, prepare yourselves seriously.

Thumb geha 18 April 2015, 17:55

the iranians might take over Lebanon militarily in response to Yemen.
these guys have lost it.

Thumb Mystic 18 April 2015, 18:15

min-canada wht in the world should the Resistance go against the army? I have many family members in the LAF, they would never blindly follow wahabis orders. The Army and Resistance is one.

Thumb Mystic 18 April 2015, 18:25

By the way, when we have martyrs in the Army or Resistance, we do not get sad, but overwhelmed with joy & pride.

Nothing is better than a martyrs death. Don't forget Sayed Hassans own son died a martyr in 1997, something all families proudly follows. Die for Lebanons dignity and freedom, Iran support these matters.

Missing mohammad_ca 18 April 2015, 18:28

Mystic you and your family would blindly follow vilayet e faqih.

Thumb Mystic 18 April 2015, 18:47

mohamed, you should try and read those books instead of the Wahabis fake hadiths and tyrant Ibn Taymiyahs lanatullahi alayhi conquests.

Thumb eagledawn 18 April 2015, 19:02

focus on the article troll.

Missing 18 April 2015, 19:31

Thank you Mystic for telling it how it is. In any confrontation with Hizbollah, his relatives will stand with the Hizb against the Lebanese army and the Lebanese state. Can someone tell me the one word that describe these actions?

Thumb Mystic 18 April 2015, 20:18

The army would simply be split, as it did during the civil war. That is what geha wishes for all along. Nobody would gain anything if our army got destroyed.
You know the LAF whom fought in Arsal are thankful to the Resistance holding the takfiris back? The army are the ones taking care of the sleeper cells within Lebanon, their job is parallel with the Resistances in Syria.
Nobody stands against the LAF or Lebanese state, but if there were to come a Wahabi stooge as you wanted to try and take over, then he would be countered immediately to free this state.

Missing peace 18 April 2015, 20:33

the day you hezbi lovers ask for the iranian militia to integrate the lebanese army to make it stronger then you may talk about the army...
till then you fake "love" for the army is just pure hypocrisy...

one that believes in its country believes in its army as the sole and ONLY institution to declare war or peace, not in a political party to declare war or peace...

Thumb Mystic 19 April 2015, 00:26

That is crap min-canada, Saudis are well known for their funding of takfiri groups in both Lebanon & Syria, so drop that atleast, if you want me to debate frankly, then you should be aswell.

Yes Iran supports the Resistance, just like the Saudis support M14 and Wahabi inspired takfiris. That is the truth right now, then people within should ask themselves this, they want the Lebanon they live in now? Or a Lebanon consumed by the ISIS & takfiri law?

There is no other alternative, it's either the Army & Resistance or the takfiris, forget about Westernized democracies.
Forget about removing Assad aswell, I noticed you seem to be anti assad for some reason, why is that? Do you support the takfiris trying to topple him?

Missing 19 April 2015, 01:10

Mystic - your binary logic is to behold! Either you are with us or against us. Hezbollah and Al-Nusra are two faces of the same coin. Assad and ISIL are from another planet altogether. The Syrian people had a chance when the dominant opposition wanted a democratic system. But you and your evil regime and evil Hezb and Evil Mullahs made sure that this will never come. Assad or we will let Syria burn. We never thought you were this crazy to prefer a psychopath and your loyalty to Iran over democracy and freedom.

Missing 19 April 2015, 01:24

Btw - thank you Mystic as you have made my point again. You re-confirmed what all Lebanese patriots knew: in a choice between HA and the Lebanese army, you and your relative will support HA. You already made it clear that you could care less for Lebanon and Lebanese.

Thumb Mystic 19 April 2015, 08:57

min-canada, since you are so democratic and peace loving. Don't you find it ironic to see the Saudis supporting the takfiri groups in Syria and Lebanon while sending so called military aid to the LAF? Seems more like divide and conquer to me, the Wahabis knows what they are doing.

Syria was fine before all this and they will remain victorious after this war, they have suffered long and such endurance will get rewarded. Assad will give them peace, when all the takfiris are eradicated, then the good Syrian people can start living again.

Missing mohammad_ca 19 April 2015, 11:14

Mystic what you just did is called takfeer ya takfiri.

Missing humble 18 April 2015, 17:49

Sure he is referring to Ebola...

Thumb geha 18 April 2015, 18:12

lately they lost Egypt and Sudan after Bahrein, and now yemen.
all the billions invested in building their dream empire fell short and they are unable to recover.
they are acting irrationally, and I expect any stupid reaction from these idiots.

Missing imagine_1979 18 April 2015, 18:23

@Geha Do cry victory too fast.... Dark days are in front of us. Assad hasnot hesitated to burn syria, kill civilian with "barrel shaped" explosives (not barrels see the difference) to gaz thousands, to liberate islamists from its jail (lokman and co) just to not lose his seat...
Do u think that iran will hesitate to do even worse?....
@min canada: i enjoyed readding ur coments, just one small reflexion if i may: it is right that south lebanese shiite were marginilised... They were poor and the central gov didnot really care, but akar, bekaa, even the christoan villages in the north mountains were marginilised and left behind by the ruling families (same rulling now..)let them be sunit shiite christians druze... Don't fall in the trap my friend...

Thumb eagledawn 18 April 2015, 19:04

what is this? you call that debating? you're beyond evil (:
Stick to the article and if you have nothing to say just vote yourself up 20 times and remain silent.

Missing peace 18 April 2015, 19:13

1/ the fighting in yemen is none of lebanese affairs but some idiots want to make people believe our survival depends on it aka nasrallah and hariri...

2/ as long as iran arms hezbollah it is mathematical that its enemy saudi arabia and co will counter react and arm anti hezbollah extremists but M8ers believe that one party is entitled to it but not the other. never do they ask for the disarmement of all parties as it justifies their propaganda and maintains the army weak...

3/ saudi arabia has nothing to envy iran in terms of policy or human rights : both are islamist extremist countries but M8ers believe it has nothing in common as iran is the heavenly country for them... that is why thousands of lebanese emigrate there to make a living LOL...

Missing 18 April 2015, 21:42

No FT they do not!!! And it is why they provide full cover for the Lebanese army and ISF to pursue these terrorists. It is why KSA has been arming the ISF and Lebanese army.

Missing 19 April 2015, 01:47

FT - again you are being a hypocrite, the army is in full control of both Tripoli and Arsal and with full support (till now!) from m14 and the future movement. One cannot say the same about large areas in Lebanon that are controlled by the Hizb. As for funding, we are blessed in the middle east with lunatics who support radical movements (whether Sunnis or Shia) and there is plenty of private money. But yes, Assad and HA enabled these monsters who were about to be eliminated late 2013/early 2014 by the Syrian revolutionaries.

Missing 18 April 2015, 21:47

FT - Please stop your hypocrisy. Your comments are pitiful. It is true that Mr. Hadi does not have an armed power base and it is why he was agreed upon by the different groups inside Yemen and supported by much of the world. The Houthi gang allied itself with the former president who still control large parts of the army to usurp power from a democratically elected president.

Stop your knee-Jerk reaction of supporting everything Hezbollah and Iranian. In this one, they are wrong. Stick to Bahrain where KSA was very wrong to send its forces to the country to support an un-elected and non-consensual regime.

In Syria, please have some shame and simply stop commenting.

Default-user-icon Can-Am (Guest) 18 April 2015, 22:41

This is why the US and other Western countries do not provide the LAF with better weapons. If Hizthrowup decides to take over Lebanon, where would these weapons end up? Can your trust the LAF to protect the country and not a religious sect or political party? That is why the LAF receives basic weapons. Picture Hizthrowup with attack helicopters and F14's or even a tank regiment of Abrams/Challengers. When Lebanon is free of a "state within a state" you will see Lebanon receive the best of what is offered. Israel would probably welcome this.

Default-user-icon sadr (Guest) 18 April 2015, 23:06

Sadly these guys turned the turban and the robe into the uniform of a liar.

Missing 19 April 2015, 01:03

You are right FT. I am a Liberal democrat. You are a fascist. I support democratic majoritarian rule with strong bill of rights. You support strongmen from minorities lording over a majority. Come to think of it, you make a perfect ISIL recruit.

Thumb Tony.Farris 19 April 2015, 01:55

To all Shiite, watch this before you go to die in Syria, Yemen, or Bahrain

Missing alyanko10452 19 April 2015, 04:08

What a real clown this guy is. He's the one that should stop interfering in Lebanon's affairs, and stop supporting the yellow party that has been troubling Lebanon for more than 3 decades.

Thumb scorpyonn 19 April 2015, 05:36

Stupid creep- Meddles in our country and then gets upset when someone else does. Iran is a cancer and I hope the Republicans take over so they can flatten it.

Thumb whyaskwhy 19 April 2015, 12:07

And in retrospect Iran exports love and peace not to mention bread and avian water to the country it supports?
Iran is feeling the pinch and hence why they are being vocal about the hooters in Yemen get hammered. Sadly for us this means that the radical nuts will become more desperate and get used to Friday night live from the cave in el Da7yi touts by Lisping Larry and his weekly message of love....

Thumb Machia 19 April 2015, 13:03

Iran and their Arab proxy Hezbollah have taken the bait in Syria, Iraq and now Yemen.
They are engaged in never ending wars where their fighters and extremist ISIS and Al Qaeda supporters from all over the world are dying every day. The crazies will be killing each other for a few decades.
The killing fields are controlled by air power.
This is what happens when you cannot see beyond your beard!