Thousands of Lebanese Demonstrate against 'Corrupt' Politicians, Issue Ultimatum

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Thousands of anti-government protesters marched on Saturday from the interior ministry in the capital's Hamra thoroughfare to downtown Beirut's Martyrs Square in an anti-government protest organized by civil society, which is frustrated with the political class.

"You Stink,” which started as an online movement, is the main activist group behind the protest.

A “You Stink” member said in a speech at the protest that its battle will continue until the resignation of Environment Minister Mohammed al-Mashnouq and the election of a president.

It gave the government 72 hours to meet its demands, warning that after the deadline expires it will take escalatory measures not just in Beirut.

The movement's campaign started over the fetid piles of trash mounting in the streets of Beirut and Mount Lebanon after the government closed last month the country's main landfill in Naameh, but it has mushroomed into a movement against the entire political structure.

It sees the political class as corrupt and incapable of providing basic services to citizens.

Many of the protesters waved Lebanese flags and wore white T-shirts that read "You Stink."

They chanted anti-government slogans, urging politicians to leave their posts.

In the absence of political party flags which normally dominate such events in Lebanon, the crowd carried banners mocking politicians.

"Ali Baba and the 128 thieves," read one, in reference to Speaker Nabih Berri and the 128-member parliament.

"Sometimes doing nothing is the most violent thing to do," read another.

One protester held a placard saying “Politicians are like sperm, one in a million turns out to be human being.”

Reflecting concern over renewed clashes, "You Stink" said it deployed 500 volunteers to coordinate with security forces and prevent violence.

The Lebanese army and police also ran a joint operations room to guarantee the well-being of protesters.

The military deployed troops around Martyrs Square while policemen were present inside the square.

The demonstration was largely peaceful but some men crossed the barbed wire in nearby Riad al-Solh square and threw water bottles and rocks on police.

The protest came as the London-based rights group Amnesty International called on Lebanese authorities to investigate allegations that security forces have used excessive force to disperse two rallies held last weekend.

The rallies outside the Grand Serail drew up to 20,000 people. Security forces fired live rounds, used rubber bullets and hurled stones or beat protesters, leaving scores hospitalized.

Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq acknowledged there were "mistakes" that led to the excessive use of force and said an investigation, whose results will be released next week, was under way.

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Thumb eagledawn 29 August 2015, 17:11

16:23عون عبر "تويتر": لن تتحرروا من الذين تتظاهرون ضدهم اليوم إلا بانتخابكم الرئيس مباشرةً من الشعب.

Missing imagine_1979 29 August 2015, 17:33

He still cannot figure that he is part of this corrupted political class....
Bassilo seems so wealthy these days so those thinking to come lecture us about islah.. Galopsss

Thumb liberty 30 August 2015, 07:45

mowaten gotta be the yellow one.

Thumb freedomarch 29 August 2015, 17:39

Nahas, Wakeem do not represent me nor the teachers union, not even Aoun not hizbolah not Amal ..etc
My pure own opinion.

Default-user-icon Circle-A (Guest) 29 August 2015, 18:35

People as slowly discovering who's really taking advantage of this, the civil groups that started it are being pushed aside by ideologues and fellow travelers with arterial motives and an axe to grind.

Missing minlibnan 29 August 2015, 20:13

Power to the people!!

Thumb justin 29 August 2015, 20:45

The latest
20:41"قوى الأمن": محاولة نزع شريط الحماية ورمي المفرقعات في ساحة رياض الصلح وشارع المصارف.
20:41"LBCI": إحراق بعض الأكياس والكرتون باتجاه الشريط الشائق والنيران تزداد إشتعالاً لكنها لن تؤدي إلى إزاة الشريط.
20:40"LBCI": هتافات مؤيدة لـ"حزب الله" في رياض الصلح وشبان يهتفون "أبو هادي".
20:37"mtv": تغير مشهد رياض الصلح عن ساحة الشهداء وهناك محاولة لاقتحام السراي الحكومي وإزالة الشريط الشائك.
20:35"mtv": جماهير "بدنا نحاسب" يرددون الشعارات والهتافات أما طلعت ريحتكم فالقسم الأكبر غادر ساحة الشهداء.

Thumb freedomarch 29 August 2015, 21:55

Those are not infiltrators among demonstrations, those are the suns of the masters, they came from the sacred lands,... with backups ready on hands, be careful to mess with them, I wish Lebanese can understand. So far they took over the crowds from front and behind, waiting for their leaders signals, to inflict chaos among all and on demand. Don't ever say you are free, today you are not, today.. you are a toy played on by hizbolah can't you see their hand?

Missing VINCENT 29 August 2015, 20:52

It is clear that Lebanon is incapable of governing itself. It is time to hand over the country to leaders of civilized countries. While you dirt bags penetrate each other from the rear, your neighbor Israel who created Palestinian camps on your lands sit pretty and prosper technologically, from oil production, economic stability, militarily all of which has already marginalized Lebanon. Thank those who brought Islamist extremism to Lebanon.

Missing VINCENT 30 August 2015, 02:04

Extremism in all shapes and forms. We all suffer severely from maintaining and supporting false beliefs and the "deadly" wrong actions they lead to, specially when the habit of believing in unworthy causes are made permanent which is visible in Lebanese society and so called governance, as you say, since the late 70s. This is something that some of us professed back then to deaf ears.

Default-user-icon boujamrah (Guest) 29 August 2015, 21:04

At least 120 of the 128 will be reelected no matter what, whichever electoral law is passed. The only way for real change is under a law based on the individual small voting district and no political party, current or group will ever agree on such a law because it'll kill their lists, buses, tractors etc.

Missing humble 29 August 2015, 21:12

Caporal and Family Protected Mazra3a are dying.

Thumb barrymore 29 August 2015, 21:19

the civilized people left and what remains are the thugs of hezbollah who are attacking the security forces as seen live on TV.

Missing humble 29 August 2015, 21:23

Yes. I can see them

Default-user-icon JCWilliams (Guest) 29 August 2015, 21:23

the political class is corrupt and incapable of providing basic services to citizens

Missing callaeci 29 August 2015, 21:35

A couple of dozen half naked thugs with covered faces are causing all the troubles. Unfortunately the by-standing idiots who are still there are acting as human shield for them

Missing coolmec 30 August 2015, 01:58

@min Canada
God bless you friend. I stand high and proud with you and your excellent comments. Finally someone I can relate meaning
wala M8 Wala M14
Keep it up my good friend

Missing coolmec 30 August 2015, 02:02

Pajama boy
Grace a Dieu Les Libanais se reveillent. On ne doit pas arreter et on va atteindre notre objectif Se debarasser de cette clique politique trop corrompue et liberer notre beau pays de ces salauds

Missing coolmec 30 August 2015, 02:03

a propos je suis a Beyrouth et j'ai participe a la manif

Default-user-icon PEACE (Guest) 30 August 2015, 02:17

أزمة النفايات تستحق التظاهر
أزمة الاقتصاد تستحق التظاهر
أزمة شرعية المجلس النيابي تستحق التظاهر
أزمة قصور مجلس الوزراء تستحق التظاهر
بالمختصر عندنا في لبنان اكثر من ٣٦٥ أزمة تستحق التظاهر كل يوم
لكن المشكلة هي قضية الزعران المخربين ومصدرهم معروف من الجميع وهمهم هدم ما تبقى من الدولة
نعم نريد تغيير النواب ولكن نعيش الان بما تيسر
نعم لكل الأزمات ولكنها كلها قشور
ان نسبة المثقفين في لبنان من اعلى النسب في العالم وهم يدرون جيدا ما أقوله هنا
ان أولى مهمات المواطن هي التظاهر للتنصل من كل نائب لا يقوم بواجبه تجاه من انتخبه
نتلهى بالقشور وننسى او نتناسى القضية الاساسية
أزمتنا الان في هذه الساعة وليس غدا هي
(التظاهر من اجل انتخاب رئيس للجمهورية)
مهمتنا اليوم هي المطالبة بعزل كل هن يتخلف من النواب عن تأدية هذا الواجب
أنا لا يهمني عون او جعجع او بارود او سليمان او حرب او جان
أنا ما يهمني هو انتخاب رئيس للجمهورية اولا وباقي الأزمات نتعاطى معها لاحقا.
كفا هذا اشعب مهاترات وعنتريات .
. اقولها واردد كفا كفا كفا

Default-user-icon PEACE (Guest) 30 August 2015, 03:12

عون عبر تويتر:" لن تتحرروا من اللذين تتظاهرون ضدهم الا بانتخاب رئيس من الشعب
اجيب لماذا تريد انتخاب رئيس الجمهورية من الشعب وليس رئيس مجلس النواب او رئيس الحكومة؟
ايضا أتمنى لو كان ذالك مسموح دستوريا لأنك تكون انت في موءخرة الخاسرين
حضرة الجنرال الشجاع الذي وقف مع العسكرولم يهرول الى فرنسا تاركا ضباطه يقتلون ذلا وليس في المعركة أقول انك لا تحترم ديمقراطية الانتخابات حتى من الشعب اذا شعرت بالخسارة وأنك مستعد لتخلق آلاف الحجج الواهية.
ان اكبر برهان هو تعيين الفقير باسيل ونبذ فكرة ديمقراطية الانتخابات حتى داخل حزبك ( عفوا عائلتك ) و

ونبذ الانتخابات حتى داخل حزبك

Thumb -phoenix1 30 August 2015, 16:58

Don't let the numbers scare you, our numbers have been estimated to be around 150,000 to 250,000. One can already see how the M8 garbage of this forum is so displeased, next time it will be over 1,000,000 and above. Cars were parked in as far as the Audi Car showroom, and this on both sides of the highway.

Thumb -phoenix1 30 August 2015, 17:02

The protest went by perfectly. In fact it was made in Martyrs Square to avoid this kind of scenario, until these sh*tty people came in. They were less than 20 in numbers but had managed to bring onto them and those who sent them, the hatred of Lebanon. But I must admit, the security forces this time were almost perfect. They let those b*stards exhaust their stupidity to the max and right in front of all the cameras, they gave Lebanon and the world the chance to see the difference between peaceful protesters and trash. I am one who truly wishes to have their names made public, but their tattooed insignias gave abundant proof of who they are, Hezbollah and Amal. Filthy garbage they are, next time let the security forces shoot live ammo on these sobs.