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Up to Speed: Workshop Summary

“I have no hard proof, but all great designers I know are great coders too” – Jad Sarout, founder of Yelo Studio

Jad Sarout, founder of Yelo Studio, gave a 3 day workshop at Seeqnce (March 21-23, 2012). The main aim of the workshop was to lay down the basic principles of coding to audience of graphic designers and eventually help attendees transform a design into actual functional web pages.

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eCloset.me, a Platform Where Fashionistas and Brands Meet

eCloset.me is a fashion platform where users can create outfits online, and share them with friends.

Users can create different combinations of outfits with the clothes they already have and/or with brand items.

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Nabbesh.com, the Portal for People to “Get Discovered”

Loulou Khazen Baz, Founder

Passionate, unconventional, status quo challenger & eternal student… These characteristics have defined Loulou and have become the driving force behind “nabbesh”, a portal born for people to “get discovered”.

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Cinemoz Pitch at ArabNet 2012

Cinemoz, a resident startup at Seeqnce, is the first premium Video On Demand platform for and from the Arab World.

Karim Safieddine, the CEO of Cinemoz, pitched the idea yesterday at ArabNet Digital Summit 2012.

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Interview with Ramy Dodin, Co-founder of Magnolia Labs and Former Software Engineer at Google

For people who see themselves as a sort of a catalyst, the natural place to go is entrepreneurship and found their own company rather than be employees within large companies where they are expected to be more specialized and limited in their thinking”, - Ramy Dodin, Founder of Magnolia Labs and former software engineer at Google .

Ramy Dodin is the co-founder of Magnolia Labs. Prior to Magnolia he worked as a Software Engineer at Google and completed a BA in Computer Science at UC Berkeley.

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The Co-Founders of Birdy Nam Nam Announce a New Company: Game Cooks

Do you remember Birdy Nam Nam ?

As a reminder, it is a Lebanese game where the player has the role of a hero who fights against the evil chickens and saves the humanity. The game created quite a buzz after achieving almost half a million downloads in one week only without any advertising or big investments.However, Birdy Nam Nam’s core team has split.

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The National Mobile Programming Contest for University Students in Lebanon

The National Mobile Programming Contest (NMPC) for University Students in Lebanon is a contest in mobile applications development where the best 20 ideas will work on actual product development for 3 months and then will present their products in front of a selected jury.

It was officially launched on March 16, 2012 at University of Balamand, Main Campus, Hariri Auditorium. With this the first phase, Proposal, has started.

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Interview with Julien Fayad, Founder of e-dailydish

After an international experience as an Information Systems engineer, Julien Fayad came to Lebanon where he began to offer his services as Eweev. After a while, he created e-dailydish as a fun project that on one hand would be helpful for people willing to eat healthy food, and on the other hand gives restaurants a cost effective marketing platform.

“Today both projects are growing at a satisfying pace and I am starting to enjoy my daily routine” - Julien Fayad

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Interview With Muhammad Tabsh From Kol 3a Zaw2ak, Winners Of The Execution

Kol 3a Zaw2ak (Kolaz) is a smart phone app that helps you find vegetarian meals in Lebanese restaurants.

The initial idea was “a smart phone application for satisfying your hunger desires by finding you the best places you can visit for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; taking into consideration your location, budget and food preferences”, said Muhammad Tabsh, the business person in Kolaz, in an interview we conducted earlier this year. However, the team saw an opportunity in targeting the vegetarian and vegan people so it shifted into a narrower concept.

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Want to attend the ArabNet Digital Summit 2012 but need financing?

This year, 40 scholarships have been provided by ArabNet and its generous partners Google and the Central Bank of Lebanon for ambitious entrepreneurs and developers.

If you are an entrepreneur with a compelling reason and cannot afford to

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