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French Soldier Killed in Friendly Fire in Mali

A French soldier has been killed by a colleague in "accidental fire" in an army camp in Mali, the army said on Saturday. 

Marine Baptiste Truffaux was shot by a fellow soldier on Thursday at a camp in Gao. 

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Mali Rebels Pull out of Peace Accord's Monitoring Group

Tuareg rebels in northern Mali said Sunday they were pulling out of an international committee set up to monitor a peace accord between them and pro-government forces in the restive region, after deadly clashes between the rival groups sent tensions soaring.

Sidi Brahim Ould Sidati, a representative of the rebel Coordination of Azawad Movements (CMA) said his grouping was "suspending our participation in the monitoring group" until loyalist forces pull out of the town of Anefis, about 120 kilometres (75 miles) south of the CMA stronghold Kidal.

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U.N. Secures Mali Town as Clashes Threaten Tuareg Peace Deal

U.N. peacekeepers set up a security zone around the northern Mali town of Kidal on Tuesday to curb fighting between rival armed groups that threatened to torpedo a fragile peace deal.

Three days of clashes between pro-government militants and Tuareg rebels in the troubled region left several dead and led neighboring Niger to call off a round of reconciliation talks planned Wednesday.

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Several Killed in North Mali Clashes

Several people died on Monday in Mali's restive north in clashes pitting a pro-government Tuareg group and the main Tuareg rebel body, security sources said.

The fighting erupted at Agnefis, about 120 kilometers (74 miles) south of the strategic northern town of Kidal, "killing several people," a regional security source said.

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Imam Killed by Suspected Jihadists in Mali

Jihadists killed a village imam in central Mali who had refused their repeated attempts to recruit him, a local official told Agence France Presse Friday.

Gunmen with suspected links to radical Islamic preacher Amadou Koufa killed the imam of Barkerou village, Aladji Sekou, on Thursday night, the official said on condition of anonymity.

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Mali Hotel Attack Claimed by Fighters Linked to Belmokhtar

A deadly hostage drama at a Mali hotel in which 13 people died -- including five U.N. workers -- was claimed Tuesday by fighters linked to the notorious one-eyed Algerian jihadi leader Mokhtar Belmokhtar.

A radical associated with militant Malian Islamic leader Amadou Koufa said he gave his "blessing" for the attack on the Byblos Hotel in the central town of Sevare.

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'Strong Suspicion' Mali Hotel Gunmen Linked to Jihadists

A deadly attack and hostage-taking at a Mali hotel is believed to be the work of an Islamist organization with ties to an Al-Qaida linked group, investigators said Monday.

Although no-one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, investigators found phone numbers and addresses on the bodies of the "terrorists" which suggested they belonged to an Islamist group.

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Jihadists Suspected in Deadly Mali Hotel Siege

A jihadist group is strongly suspected of carrying out the hotel siege in Mali that ended with the deaths of at least 12 people including five U.N. workers, a security source said Sunday.

No one has claimed responsibility for the assault in the central town of Sevare, which coincided with a surge in jihadist attacks spreading through the region in recent months.

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At Least 12 Killed as Mali Hotel Siege Finally Ends

At least 12 people including four foreign U.N. contractors died in a hostage siege at a hotel in central Mali that ended early Saturday when government troops stormed the building.

"There are 12 dead in all," an army officer told Agence France Presse after the operation at the Hotel Byblos in Sevare, listing the fatalities as five "terrorists", five soldiers and "two white people".

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Gunmen Seize Hostages in Deadly Attack on Mali Hotel

Gunmen stormed a hotel in central Mali on Friday in an apparent attempt to kidnap Westerners, killing at least three people and seizing hostages in an ongoing standoff with the army.

Among the dead were two Malian soldiers, while the body of a white man was seen lying sprawled outside the hotel in the town of Sevare, military sources said.

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